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Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser: a classic 4x4 returns.

How many years is it? Mate, it must be over fifty years since the first FJ40 rolled over the rugged Aussie outback terrain – longer than I can remember, anyway! Legendary toughness, and amazing talent off-road made the original FJ40 incredibly successful. Fast forward into the modern era, and Toyota have created the successor to the famous FJ40. Very soon to be available, the Toyota FJ Cruiser will be able to be purchased from all main Toyota dealers across Australia.

So what’s all the fuss about? Off-road talent isn’t something that you can just rustle up overnight. It takes time to create all the right physics, all the right mechanics, all the right strength in the componentry, a high level of traction and stability, and all the right power to weight ratio to produce a great off-road beast.

What the all new Toyota FJ Cruiser looks like is something special and something unique. A flavour of bold meets rugged and sports meets function. The FJ Cruiser equates to all the classical ruggedness that the old bush-bashing bruiser used to have, and has added genuine comfort and style, all the necessary latest technology, and features to make your journey entertaining as well as adventurous. Make no mistakes; this is the vehicle you’ll want to be in when the going gets really tough.

Rugged, retro lines give the Toyota FJ Cruiser all the high visibility, highly conspicuous looks that will capture plenty of attention – in a very cool and stylish sort of way. It’s a boxy shape – made even more-so with the vehicle’s near-vertical windscreen. Check out the three windscreen wipers and white roof and wrap-around rear windows. It’s pretty cool and pretty bold. The vehicle’s solid off-road performance means that with mud and dust all over the vehicle’s exterior, you’ll be looking like a real off-road adventurer in no time.

Any wannabe off-roaders will soon learn a lesson or three about how to cover rough terrain – such is the FJ Cruiser’s ability off the tar. It’s in its element in any given off-road terrain. Crawling over boulders, smashing over sand dunes, flicking up the mud encompasses what the can-do attitude of the FJ Cruiser beholds. What the modern FJ Cruiser carries over from decades past is the body-on-frame design. For purists, this is the off-road set-up of choice. It means that the solid framework underneath the bodywork is built extremely strong so that all serious off-road work can be tackled with the peace-of-mind that you’re not going to break the vehicle. You’ll find the short wheelbase adds to the FJ’s cocky 4×4 ability, and the vehicle’s excellent ground clearance and ample suspension articulation will deliver superior off-roading, at all times.

Promising powerful engines, the dual-range 4WD FJ Cruiser will make short work of any demanding situation. And expect it to tow well, too.

Modern Toyota interiors are comfortable and well-speced. One can assume that the FJ Cruiser will come in a variety of models – so that those who want extra luxury can have it. Private Fleet will keep you posted on any further Toyota FJ Cruiser developments.

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