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Lexus RX350

Lexus RX350

Model Update

This year, the Lexus RX 350 has lots to crow about. Packed to the hilt with so many luxury items, smooth power from Lexus’s premium V6 engine and a more advanced Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system to keep you on the right track means you are going to enjoy the quality of this very useful SUV.

Lexus provide vehicles that boast premium build quality, engineering and comfort. The 2010 Lexus RX 350 is no different; bullet proof reliability ensures that as the brand new owner, you can enjoy many kilometres of hassle free motoring.

Built with safety in mind, the Lexus RX 350 boasts the very latest features. Active Torque Control AWD improves cornering stability (especially in the wet). Active Cruise Control keeps your distance from the vehicles ahead of you (unless you want to pass them, of course). Ten SRS airbags, Active Headrests and a pre-collision safety system are on the alert at all times.

The curvy architecture on the RX 350 is helped by the bulging wheel arches and chrome surrounded windows. A selection of alloys, nudge bars, roof racks, side bars, mud flaps, and a rear seat entertainment system are available on the options and accessories list.

Ride quality is excellent, and the Lexus RX 350 can rough it off the tarmac.

Beating out BMW and Mercedes in sales honours, the Lexus RX350 has the right amount of muscle and flare to keep the Germans out-of-touch.

Housing under the bonnet a 3.5 litre V6 engine that cranks out 203 kW, the Lexus RX350 has enough power to meet whatever your needs might be. With an All-Wheel Drive system that has a limited -slip centre differential the RX350 performs superbly whether on or off the beaten track. Available too is Lexus’s Four-Wheel Air Suspension, which allows the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle to three different positions: low, normal and high. You will find this an excellent feature that is simple to use when extra ground clearance is needed for off-roading.

Safety is also a high priority as far as Lexus is concerned. There are 7 airbags to protect you and your passengers from nearly every angle. There is a reinforced body as well as front and rear “crumple” zones that take the brunt of any impact. Vehicle Stability Control as well as Traction Control helps keep the vehicle steady, and on course, while cornering. There is also a Theft-Deterrent System that uses a “rolling code” that immobilizes the engine unless a proper key is used. Another safety feature is Lexus’s Adaptive Front Lighting, which pivots the headlights when the wheel is turned to go around corners. Lexus also uses rain-sensing wipers that detect the presence of rain on the windscreen. The wiper blades are activated at the appropriate speed. Speaking of speed, there is even a Dynamic Laser Cruise Control system which, once set, monitors the vehicle ahead of you to maintains your vehicle at the desired distance from the vehicle in front. One would say the Lexus RX350 is packed with safety features designed to keep you, and your loved ones, safe while motoring.

The word luxury even looks similar to the word Lexus, and so it comes as no surprise to find that the Lexus RX350 comes with dual-zone climate control, wood and leather trim and a voice activated DVD navigation system. There is even a back-up camera to aid the driver’s rear-view visibility when confined to close-quarter manoeuvring. The entertainment system is top-notch, and the premium sound system boasts eleven speakers and 210 watts of “doof – doof”. There is also a six disk CD changer and the option of Satellite radio. Bluetooth integrated technology is part and parcel of the top class navigation system. A “HomeLink Remote Control” system can be used to control items around the house like garage doors and entrance gates – I like that.

So, you need a highly capable SUV with room and comfort? Look no further then. The Lexus RX350 is luxury.

Current model series include:

  • Lexus RX350 Sports
  • Lexus RX350 Sports Luxury

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