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Lexus RC 200t

Lexus RC 200t

What gives a kick like an angry black belt?  You could say that Lexus has landed on its feet with the addition of the swift new Lexus RC 200t.  This swift runner does have some go when on the run, and you can access a smooth surge of power at any speed that brings smiles and addictive habits.  This is a small sedan with some attitude that distances itself from the mundane 2.0-litre engines, and while not a fire breathing twin-turbo 3.0-litre, the 200t delivers a very satisfying drive.

Lexus being Lexus is a well-established luxury brand that outperforms all other luxury brands for ownership satisfaction in America – and that’s not just a one off fluke.  Consistently providing owners with seamless luxurious reliability for years, Lexus would be the luxury car buy for the discerning car buyer.  The buyer in the know will love the delicious Lexus leather interior and stylish modern interior technology, the smooth, sensual outline, striking design and quiet, reliable, responsive engines.  Ride quality is excellent, monitored by a selective drive mode system that can be switched through the modes by the driver.

Lexus RC 200t Interior

So where does the Lexus RC 200t sit in the market place?  This is a small sedan, in fact it’s the smallest Lexus on offer, and the small size is big on luxury – no skimping here.  If you have no need for a large car, then the RC is dimensionally identical to the IS line – just in a racy coupe kind-of-way.  Going head-to-head with the likes of a Volvo S60 Coupe, BMW 3 Series Coupe, Audi S4 and Infiniti Q60, the Lexus RC holds its head high in this sort of competition.  Top of the class for luxury, while the RC 200t engine is nice and perky to keep step with its competition.  Fuel efficiency is good.

On the road, the Lexus RC 200t has predictable, light steering that feels dynamic.  Loaded with all sorts of luxury features doesn’t do wonders for the car’s waistline, and the car carries some extra weight around the middle.  However, the handling is still plenty confident and the car can be hustled along quickly.  Ride quality is excellent, and the cabin is a nice place to be when the roads become second-rate.  F-Sport models do stiffen up in the suspension a little and boast larger rims and lower profile tyres, which is great for enthusiastic drivers but the ride quality and comfort suffers a bit – but that’s the same for any car.

Performance figures are quick without being crazy.  The Lexus RC200t can perform the 0-100 km/h in the mid sevens and scamper onto a top speed of around 230 km/h.  With 180 kW, the RC 200t has good power and torque figures, and pulling out to pass slower moving traffic is a doddle.  Where the ingenious Lexus (or should that be Toyota) design sources its power is from the direct injection and turbo-intercooled technology.  The 200t 2.0-litre Turbo engine is one of the newest engines Lexus has made and boasts a twin-scroll turbo that minimises the lag traditionally associated with turbocharged vehicles.  Fuel efficiency is important, and Lexus also excels in this area with the 200t also having an engine-stop function which can switch off the engine when stopped to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.  As soon as the brakes are released, the car bursts back into life.  Eight-speed automatic gearing is smooth and responsive.  Sequential paddle shifting technology is also standard.

Lexus is one of the safer vehicle manufacturers on our roads, and the blend of safety equipment is outstanding.  One of my favourite bits of safety kit is the radar active cruise control (RACC).  This variety of cruise control uses a milli-wave radar to monitor vehicles ahead.  The acceleration and speed is adjusted accordingly to match their speed.  Collision avoidance is standard, so if the car detects the need to slow down or even stop it will do so, even if you aren’t quick enough.  When the vehicle ahead leaves your lane, RACC will smoothly increase the acceleration to resume the speed you had previously set – if safe to do so.

In the words of Lexus “The RC is a peerless blend of sophistication and exhilaration, and has been designed from the ground up for pure performance pleasure”.  The Lexus RC 200t is a coupe that appeals to the senses.  Enjoy!

Lexus RC 200t F-Sport

The current Lexus RC models include the:

  • Lexus RC 200t
  • Lexus RC 350

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