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Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo

Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo

An exciting new car has to have striking looks to go with the performance.  Attractive, modern styling is an area that all the new Lexus models excel in.  New to the frame is the Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo with its sharp lines and aggressive stance.  Luxurious, stylish and quick, this model has turbo performance firing its efficient 2.0-litre motor, and the combination is very impressive.

It doesn’t take long to realise that you are driving a special car.  Usually you can tell by the looks of approval on people’s faces as you whisk by.  Definitely, with the new Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo, the car has that extra panache to catch passer-by attention.  I love the look of the new 2017 Lexus GS styling; it is futuristic with its angular lines around the signature spindle grille and headlight arrangement -while the smooth flowing profile cries speed.  I always get a little concerned when I use the term futuristic though because I don’t want you to think whacky and weird – like something out of a Doctor Who movie.  The Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo looks gorgeous, and has you wanting to second glance it in the driveway.

You might think that 2.0-litres and turbocharging doesn’t look like much for powering what is a large, luxury sedan.  But we’re not just talking about an afterthought.  The 2.0-litre unit in the Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo is very strong and intricate in providing punchy performance and refinement.  Impressive acceleration comes from the 180 kW Dual-VVti, DOHC, petrol-fed engine.  Matched to a very silky eight-speed transmission, you have instant access to ‘go-fast’ power when required, while the silent cruising ability is second to none.

This is one of the most refined 2.0-litre turbo experiences on the market.  The auto gearbox also provides sequential shifting plus paddle shifters for serious driving enthusiasts – which most will be who choose to drive the Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo.  An excellent Drive-mode selection between ECO, NORMAL and SPORT keeps things very well attuned to the driver’s needs.  And when SPORT mode is selected, the Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo exploits its rear-wheel-drive chassis in a delightfully sporty and satisfying manner.  Accurate steering and consistent grip ensures confident-enhancing handling for pure driving pleasure.  The F Sport package elevates the GS road-holding proficiency with variable-ratio and rear-wheel steering systems.  Boasting larger 19-inch wheels and a stiffer suspension you really can get serious.

Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo Interior

The torque figure for the 2.0-litre turbo peaks at 350 Nm from as low as 1650 rpm, so you have useable power that pulls well, and the engine is nice and flexible.  Cruising qualities of the new Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo are superb, the ride well muted – ensuring occupants are relaxed and comfortable inside the lovely leather interior.  Both the F-Sport and Luxury cabins are strikingly beautiful, equipped with all the finest luxury features you could want.  Automatic climate control, vanity mirrors, cruise control, mirror position memory, parking sensors, a parking camera, an engine start button, drive mode select, satellite navigation, power accessory socket front and rear, a Mobile Phone Addition system, 12-speaker surround sound audio, and the list goes on.

Two Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo variants are available, so the Luxury package includes the 14-way-adjustable front seats, four-way power lumbar, adaptive headlights, an adaptive suspension, passenger seat memory functions, LED fog lights, 19-inch wheels, glossy interior wood trim, rear-seat climate and audio controls, manual rear door sunshades, upgraded leather upholstery and a wood-trimmed steering wheel.  Heated rear seats can be added to the Luxury package.

For those who like an even sportier look and drive, the F Sport package adds a sport-tuned adaptive suspension, 19-inch wheels, sportier exterior styling and interior trim, a rear spoiler, a variable-ratio steering system, a brake upgrade and 12-way-adjustable sport seats with four-way power lumbar support.

Lexus GS F-Sport Interior

Safety equipment in the new Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo features all the very best paraphernalia.  Occupants are cocooned in a purpose built safety cage that cocoons and protects in the event of a serious accident.  Five-star safety is standard.

When running against the best equivalents from BMW, Audi and Mercedes, the Lexus GS distinguishes itself as a fine all-around performer that can easily match the big three in all areas of a great driving luxury/sport sedan.

The Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo models include the:

  • Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo Luxury
  • Lexus GS 2.0L Turbo F Sport

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