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Lexus RX350 Prestige

Clean lines and a smooth, aerodynamic shape give the Lexus RX350 Prestige plenty of modern style. This five-door SUV is so distinctive and elegant that owning the latest RX model from Lexus will mean that you might just need to wear a suit and tie a little more often.

The Lexus RX350 Prestige has the styling to live up to the name.

The classy styling starts at the front where the large chrome-surrounded grille displays the Lexus emblem proudly. On both sides of the grille are sharp looking headlights that offer a gallant and confident expression. Neither the front or rear of the Lexus RX350 Prestige has any unnecessary overhang – making the overall side-on view athletic and well balanced. I won’t name some of the other SUV type vehicles on the road which look more like overweight ducks waddling to the water’s edge.

Encorporating plenty of chrome on the exterior gives the RX350 Prestige a premium appearance. Take a closer look at the Lexus RX350 Prestige and you will notice the superior build quality and accurate detailing that every Lexus that rolls off the factory floor displays. Impeccable closure lines around doors and class leading materials are used for both exterior and interior finishing. You will not be disappointed in the quality of any Lexus vehicle.

Another feature of Lexus is that all their cars age gracefully. There are plenty of premium vehicles with 200,000 kilometres on the clock. Reliability and service from Lexus dealerships is second to none.

Inside a Lexus RX350 Prestige, there are plenty of talking points. First of all, the doors open nice and wide, so access to the seats is excellent. The doors shut with a solid thud, and then, once seated inside the interior, it is like entering a different world. The noise and hustle of the outside world are left far behind. Inside the roomy cabin, it is extremely well sound proofed, and the upholstery boasts a high quality leather. Glance over the dashboard, and you note a distinctive design that uses curves and textures to produce a very pretty conception. The simple and clear instrumentation makes for excellent user-friendliness, and the blue lighting and chrome surrounds create a lovely interior display.

A Lexus RX350 Prestige has an advanced DVD based Satellite Navigation system as standard, and you can scroll through important pieces of information and control key technologies via the Multi Information Switch on the steering wheel. This machine also comes standard with a twelve-speaker MP3/WMA-compatible audio system, complete with a six-disc, in-dash CD system and auxiliary input for portable MP3 players. So the sounds are pretty hot! A really cool feature when you approach your Lexus RX350 Prestige in the dark is the puddle lights. Beneath each exterior mirror are little lights that illuminate your pathway to the vehicle. Then as you step inside, a neatly choreographed lighting sequence settles you into the high-tech Lexus cabin.

Swift response comes from the V6 engine, and the punchy 204 kW is breathtaking, while a very useful 340 Nm of torque is available in the mid range rpm. This makes for awesome pick up when passing or when you may be towing a boat. This is a very usable 4×4 that boasts a manual automatic. You have to rate the Lexus RX350 Prestige as a fun drive, and it has the capability of being able to cover the ground in a deceptively quick and quiet manner. A safe secure stance on the road offers a drive that is balanced, and athletic, on the tarmac and on the back roads too.

Safety features are superb. You can confidently carry your loved ones around in one of these. And buy a new Lexus, and you have a 48 month warranty for every part of the vehicle. A highly recommended.

The current model series includes the:

  • Lexus RX350 Prestige

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