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Lexus LC 2017

Lexus LC

Not as ostentatious as you might think, the Lexus LC is refined in its portrayal of how a luxury coupe should look and drive.  The new Lexus Luxury Coupe looks really good from any angle and takes some beating when it comes to fresh, modern design, but the lines are also elegant as well as sporty.  I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoys the LC’s sleek looks.  Lexus has got it looking really well-proportioned and athletic – especially with the long bonnet and very low and curvy roof line. Start the engine, and the musical burble from the twin exhaust pipes is magical.  Luxury coupe buyers will be impressed with Lexus’s new LC, which comes with the choice of two engines.

What I love about the LC exterior is the very angular headlights which seem to mirror and accentuate the car’s angular mesh grille.  Getting into the LC is like stepping down and into a lounge suite, which is easy enough thanks to the wide opening doors.  Its sharp looks are very aerodynamic, allowing the coupe to slip through the air with minimal turbulence.  Ride quality is very quiet, and just the lovely sound of the powerful engine is all you really pick up on.

Lexus Interior

Seating position and comfort is first class, while support over a long period at the wheel is excellent.  Electronic seat memory, heating/cooling and adjustment are standard features.  Ask plenty from the car’s performance and the seats offer great cornering support, too.  The steering wheel height can be adjusted electronically by a switch on the dash.  Depending on the driving mode selected by the driver, the speedo changes its display automatically – a feature that impresses onlookers.  Various interior surfaces herald the Lexus Logo, and the interior leather work is stunningly gorgeous.  An analogue clock inserted into the centre of the dash is a nice touch of elegance.  The multi-function steering wheel is superbly comfortable and looks classy with the chrome Lexus logo in the centre and a notched centre spoke.  The driver can access audio, driving mode, active cruise control and communication systems via the steering wheel controls.

In the middle of the step layered dash is the large information display screen through which many on-board features are accessed; one worth a mention is the excellent satellite navigation programme for keeping you ahead of the game and capable of planning travel routes.  For the driver there is a neatly designed instrument cluster with a digital display for the speed, engine revs, engine temperature, fuel consumption and more.  The Lexus LC comes with engine start/stop technology ensuring you are driving with economy in mind.

What’s it like for those in the back seats?  Not too bad actually.  Though the Lexus LC will be used widely for one or two people at a time, the two rear seats are actually very comfortable and offer excellent comfort and support.  Effectively, the Lexus LC can accommodate four passengers in comfort.  Each rear passenger has an audio speaker inserted into the window side panelling, an excellent place for enjoying crystal clear sound.

Performance is provided by two very different engines.  The smaller of the two provides quick acceleration and plenty of punch from a hybrid motor in combination with a petrol engine rated at 3.5-litres in V6-cylinder formation.  Peak power from the hybrid and petrol motors is 264 kW.  Fuel efficiency for the Lexus LC 500h comes in at well under 7 litres/100 km for a combined average.  Acceleration, for those who like to know how quick it is: 0-100 km/h in around five seconds.

The bigger 5.0-litre V8 motor sits inside the engine bay of the Lexus LC 500.  A load of torque is available at any engine speed and it boasts a maximum of 540 Nm.  You can whip up to 100 km/h from a standstill in just over 4 seconds.  This is a beautiful beast, that sounds inspiring and goes like the clappers.

Aiming directly at Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi equivalents, the Lexus feels at home amidst this fierce competition.  With a premium ride, quality engineering and superb performance the new Lexus LC is hugely desirable.

Lexus LC

The current Lexus LC model series includes the:

  • Lexus LC 500
  • Lexus LC 500h

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