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RX 270

Buying a Lexus RX 270 is going to set you up for a long, happy relationship; and we all need one of these.

When you want to drive a classy SUV, there are some things that make the choice a little easier. When the things that really matter get done extremely well, then you need to be looking in the direction of a new Lexus SUV.

Lexus pride themselves on perfection, and it shows the moment you draw near the car. Specifically drawing attention to the new Lexus RX 270, there is evidence that this SUV is impeccably designed and built. All the body panels are carefully crafted and fitted together to provide an aerodynamic plane for the rushing air to slip over. A deep sloping A-pillar ensures that the Lexus RX 270 slips through the air rather than pushes. With its bold aerodynamic design, you’ll enjoy reduced drag and reduced cabin noise, ensuring a smoother, more satisfying drive. With an appearance that more resembles a light but strong gymnast rather than a bulky weightlifter, the Lexus RX270 has a fleet footedness about the way its exterior lines flow and meet together. One of the first things you’ll notice at the front of the Lexus RX270 is the striking spindle grille. The low profile side view shows off a nice set of 18-inch, five spoke alloy wheels. And if you look really carefully, you’ll notice the roof rails that fit seamlessly into the Lexus RX 270 styling.

Enter inside the world of Lexus, and the cabin of the luxurious RX 270 is breath taking. Refinement, sophistication and elegance exude from the leather upholstered interior, and there is every high-tech gadget imaginable that will make your journey a wonderfully comfortable experience. Leather seat stitching that has been enhanced by the use of thicker thread and more prominent colouring, while the dash design is handsome and boasts a matt silver insert above the glove box. You’ll experience a warm welcome when approaching your vehicle after dark with the Intuitive lighting system. Bluetooth, memory seats, and the New Generation Lexus Remote Touch are some of the goodies provided. Remote touch allows the driver to control different functions of the vehicle with minimal movement of the body to create a safer and more comfortable drive.

Speaking of safety, the Lexus RX 270 shows its hand with a comprehensive list of premium safety features. Lexus’s new VDIM safety system and ten airbags should be enough of a description to how well the RX270 is cocooned the moment an emergency strikes. Let’s just say that the Anti-skid Brake System, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Brake Assist, Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control are always working to maintain optimum control over the road and your safe progress.

We’ve talked about the way the exterior design is fresh and athletic, and these terms can be equally applied to the way the Lexus RX 270 tackles the road. The all-new RX 270 provides 138 kW of power at 5800 rpm and 252 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. This is the smallest power plant available to the RX series and it is impressive the way the engine provides quick, smooth response to any demand for acceleration. Having four-cylinder efficiency, the petrol engine is going to provide a useful assistance to keeping your running costs lower than if you were to buy into a bigger SUV machine. Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota, so you know that your Lexus RX270 is very unlikely to cause you grief.

The Lexus RX series provides a much smaller platform to work from; much smaller than the Lexus LX Series or Audi Q7. Where the Lexus LX 270 is competing is with the likes of the BMW X3, Mazda CX-7, Mazda CX-5 and Audi Q5. The RX Series is an excellent size vehicle for the small family or couple who love the outdoor life and enjoy the luxuries and quality that the Lexus brand offers.

A useful level of space in the luggage compartment can be enhanced with the standard roof railing system. As an optional extra, the special accessory crossbars can allow you to attach bike racks, ski carriers or luggage pods very simply, and without the hassle of endless tie downs.

Buying a Lexus RX 270 is going to set you up for a long, happy relationship; and we all need one of these.

The current Lexus RX 270 models include the:

  • RX270 4D Wagon

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