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Lexus IS 250C

The Lexus IS 250C is built for speed and looks like it.

Hot as! Wind in the hair thrills don’t come any better than with Lexus’s new IS 250C.

Clasp your lover’s hand and head for the hills in the stylish and very smooth Lexus IS 250C. Lexus’s convertible offers a breath of fresh air in the open top sector of the car market. Pleasing lines that look swooping and sporty are tickled with pleasantries. The aggressive headlights, large air dam, tapered front windscreen and elegant side skirts liberate the heart. And with blue detailing, spoked alloys and a squat rear-end you will be looking absolutely sensational.

Great driving dynamics make the Lexus IS 250C fun to drive. The steering is ever so nimble and the grip so tenacious that you could swear the engineers enjoyed creating the IS-F model so much they just had to drop a few of the goodies into the Lexus IS-250C.

Engine refinement is sweet; however with the top down, the Lexus IS 250 C motor sounds gorgeous when power is applied. The sound eggs the driver on to experience the fullest sensations that the power plant has to offer. Light weight and eagerly responsive, the all-alloy Quad Cam 2.5 litre V6 is rearing to go. A direct injection engine design means fuel is sprayed into the cylinders at extremely high pressure, and this has plenty of exciting advantages. Right across the rev range there is sparkling power to be enjoyed. The I-S 250C is a swift car, and when mated to such a well balanced chassis, you can hit the road very promptly indeed. Lexus has ensured that the IS 250C is also relaxing as well as speedy. A six-speed multi-mode intelligent automatic transmission boasts a sequential shift and uses either an S-mode gate shift lever or paddles on the steering wheel. Planted with the right boot heavily to the floor, acceleration feels potent, and pulling past slower traffic becomes addictive. The 153 kW of power is always accessed at its fullest potential when needed, making the Lexus convertible a great driver’s car. Mid-range engine performance is excellent, particularly with 252 Nm available at 4800 rpm.

Journeys are made comfortable with the help of a superb driving position and seat comfort. Luxuries therefore abound inside the Lexus IS 250C. The climate control is excellent, and it has a rear outlet to ensure that the rear passengers travel in as much comfort as the front occupants. Powered window and cruise control are standard. The wing mirrors fold inwards when the key is turned off. Eight speakers are located in the Prestige model, and twelve are located inside the Sports Luxury model so, needless to say, the quality of sound is stunning. A Smart card / smart key system includes central locking, an immobiliser and alarm with boot, bonnet and door monitoring – just in case other people struggle with covetousness and theft. The leather seats are impeccably crafted, and when coordinated in colours like cream and blue, the result is something rather special.

Safety features are excellent. I found that the Lexus IS 250C comes with front and side airbags, seat belt limiters and seat belt pretensioners. Body rigidity is amongst the best in its class for convertibles, and the dynamic safety features include: ECB, ABS, EBD TRC, VSC, AVS, EPS and VGRS. The level of control is superb, and at the slightest whiff of a loss in control the instant response of the active safety feature systems makes sure that the vehicle is pointing in the correct direction.

You may be hunting for one of the nicest convertibles on the road. Make sure you check the Lexus IS 250C out. I was impressed by the build quality and craftsmanship, beautiful design and very capable drive train and engine response.

The current model series includes the:

  • Lexus IS 250C Prestige
  • Lexus IS 250C Sports
  • Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury

For any more information on the Lexus IS 250C, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!) we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Lexus dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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