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Lexus ES 300h

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Lexus ES 300h Luxury

Elegance is a term used for only the finest things in life.  Truth be known, a Lexus ES sedan fits into what one would class as one of the finest luxury/sport sedans around.

Comfortable leather seating inside the cabin of the all new Lexus ES 300h isn’t the only sensual feature by any means.  Appealing contour lines across the dashboard, blue lighting with chrome surrounds for the instrument panel, while the multimedia/multi-function touch screen in the centre of the dash is crisp and clear to read – again using blue back-lighting.  An analogue clock sits in the centre of the dash, adding a nice touch of class, and anyone lucky enough to travel in the new ES 300h will be very well pampered.

Private Fleet

Lexus ES 300h interior

Heated front seats are standard across the range, and the ergonomic shape of the seats fit the back and hips superbly to provide some of the most comfortable and supportive seats in the luxury sedan class.  Ten-way power front seats with manually adjustable head rests ensure you’ll relax quickly into your perfect position for the journey ahead.  A driver’s seat memory is fitted as standard on all models, however if you opt for the Lexus ES 300h Sports Luxury model, the front passenger also has the convenience of a seat memory switch.

Room in both the front and rear seats is superb, and the feeling of space is evident the moment you slip inside the modern ES 300h interior.  Equipped with a comprehensive satellite navigation system, in the ES 300h it’s easy to find your way through busy traffic to get where you need to go.  The mapping database comprises of a set of major capital and primary national road networks throughout Australia and its individual regions, so finding your way is a breeze on-board the luxury Lexus sedan.  Do away with the cluttering map books and rely on the easy-to-use satellite navigation system.

All Lexus ES models come with a great Bluetooth communication system, and the ability to make call hands free is a bonus.  I don’t know what it is but being able to cruise down the road and talk to your friends handsfree, but it feels very upmarket – not to mention the safety benefits of being able to talk on the phone without juggling the receiver.

Speaking of safety, the Lexus ES 300h has plenty of superior safety features.  One of these that took my fancy was the Active Cruise Control (ACC) which cleverly corrects your speed accordingly with the flow of the traffic – a very safety minded feature.  On the other hand, the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)/Lane Departure Warning systems don’t hit it off with me.  I think a good driver should be using their mirrors and checking the space around them as to which vehicles may be entering into their invisible personal space.  I guess having the lane change warning device is good in that it does let you know if you are deviating out of your lane –very good if you happen to fall asleep at the wheel – something not recommended!

The Lexus ES 300h also comes with a very useful Reversing Package that is designed as a driver assist device, along with Park Assist.  Again, I wonder whether some of these fancy driver aids will actually make us less skilful drivers in the long run.

Classy Lexus cars look superb from any angle, and the paint job on these cars along with the impeccable build quality is quite exceptional.  The premium paint job on the cars, incredibly, has paint technology that uses self-restoring paint which has an outer coating with elastic qualities making it capable of restoring superficial scratches.

Now, I’ve rambled on about a number of the goodies in the new Lexus ES 300h without mentioning what lies at the heart of the ES 300h.  Under the sleek bonnet lines lies a hybrid savvy engine that is economical and powerful.  Effortless power is accessible from any engine revs, while passing power is strong, smooth and very quiet.  Lexus Hybrid Drive uses two energy sources working together to produce 151 kW of power.  The 2.5 litre engine supplemented by a high output electric motor is linked to a Continuous Variable Transmission which aids how smooth the car feels, and quiet the travel in a new Lexus ES 300h really is.  The ES 300h sedan boasts Drive Mode Select, which can be used by the driver to choose between ECO, NORMAL and SPORT performance.

With two models to choose from, The ES 300h Luxury or Sport Luxury is a car you’ll love to have inside your garage.  Offering a drive that boasts balanced handling, effortless performance and superb comfort, the answer to a new Lexus ES 300h has to be Yes!

Current Lexus ES 300h models include the:

  • ES 300h Luxury
  • ES 300h Sport Luxury

For any more information on the new Lexus ES 300h or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Lexus dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!