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Apple Eyeing its own Electric Vehicle

In news that is sure to cause a stir in the automotive world, tech giant Apple has its eyes fixed on a foray into the new car industry…and it might not be all that far away. Well, that’s if you believe the rumours.

For a while now, Apple has reportedly been working on plans to design and develop its own electric vehicle. Codenamed Project Titan, this week, Reuters news agency has put a timeline on that project, and they’re pencilling in 2024 as the year that Apple might be looking to launch.

What’s more, Apple is looking to get innovative when it comes to fuel technology, with the mega-tech firm also said to be creating its own battery technology, which would rely on lithium iron phosphate and a “monocell” design that frees up space inside the battery to fit more active material for longer range.

Where is Apple at?

The project has been in an on-and-off again state for some time now, first mentioned in 2014, and subject to redundancies just last year. However, behind the scenes, it is understood the company is focused on a passenger vehicle for the consumer segment of the market, whereas some of its rivals like Waymo are pitching driverless vehicle concepts as means of a broader P2P or business solution.

Naturally, the company has avoided providing any commentary on the matter, which is hardly a surprising feat. When you consider the extent of resources that Tesla required before it was finally able to generate some momentum with its electric vehicles, then it’s only par the course that Apple is keeping mum about the whole situation. The company does have shareholders to answer to, as well.



With details as illusive as possible at this stage, it’s also not known whether Apple will look to tackle the manufacturing component of the project itself. While iPhones are a very different proposition, Apple already outsources its manufacturing process for what might be considered a more ‘simple’ device, even if that item is considered its flagship product. Would it be any different for cars? Probably not. The company doesn’t have the expertise nor the economies of scale for car production.

At the same time, however, if plans to develop a series of electric cars fall through, our bet is that the tech behemoth is sure to pioneer some sort of driving technology that it will look to sell to manufacturers all over the world. In fact, that may well be the ultimate outcome despite this week’s rumours suggesting otherwise.


Do you see Apple coming to market with its own car in as little as four years? Would you have high hopes for it?