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Whoops, I did it again!

Isn’t it just the worst when you think you’re all sorted, and then bang, you hit the letterbox on the way out the drive or scrape the front air dam at the supermarket?  What about the runaway trolley that bumps onto the side of your car; doesn’t that just grate you?  However, accidents do happen.  What accidents to do with your driving experiences would you be bold enough to fess-up to?  What about this one that recently happened in Turkey?

It was a normal day at the office for the forecourt staff at the gas station in Turkey, when, out of the blue, a woman driving a late model Porsche 911 Turbo popped her foot on the wrong pedal.  Now we all no how quickly one of these cars can accelerate!  She carried on passed the pump and bowled on up to the counter inside the gas station store.  The achievement was captured by several security cameras, showing the footage of the white Porsche 997 pulling into the station before suddenly accelerating, crashing into a nearby car and then driving through the store.  You can take a look on this video.  The footage was posted on the Turkish website Haber365, which was first picked up by Carscoop.  The driver of the Porsche and one female passenger were unharmed in the incident, though an employee at the gas station did, unfortunately, suffer some minor injuries which were treated at a local hospital.

Most bumps and dings are more mundane.  Mine certainly have been. But you do get a few that are funny.  One story I have of my husband.  Always fun to share these tales about your nearest and dearest, aren’t they?  He was backing off a church lawn, where he dutifully checked in the right wing mirror, then the left wing mirror.  There was nothing behind that he could see, so back he went, straight into the oak tree.  Oops, he forgot to look in his rear view mirror!  Thank goodness for parking sensors and rear parking aids!

And if you think that just because a car has been owned by a respectable vicar with a string of degrees after his name is reliable (which the salesman is quite keen to tell you), think again.  Our vicar has had a string of little bumps and dings, including one rather similar to the one in the Turkish video where the gearbox wasn’t in neutral when the accelerator pedal went down during some test at the mechanics.

So what have been your funniest car accidents?  Drop us a line and let us know!