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Whilst Shopping in London…

Groan! She wants to go to Harrods- the iconic department store in Knightsbridge. Well, that’s not on your itinery, is it? Until now, that is.

“Yes, dear, I’d be happy to take you to Harrods. You go and shop and I’ll just wait for you outside”. Brownie points galore, but there’s a hidden agenda.

Just around the corner there’s the Berkely Hotel.

 Yes, that’s where Ferrari have just opened up their stunning new London showroom (or ‘Atelier’ as they prefer to call it in Ferrari speak). Currently displayed are a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Ferrari California and a rather special racing Ferrari 512S from 1970.

Absorb yourself for an hour or so before flitting back to Harrods for some more brownie points.