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What Women Want: The 2012 Evoque Named Women's World Car of the Year

Guest post contributed by Elizabeth Bailey, on behalf of Silver Star Motors.

The first Women’s World Car of the Year award was given in 2009, marking the dawn of a new and exciting period in auto development. Women have become the fastest growing consumer demographic in many areas previously dominated by men, including auto purchases. The Women’s World award is based on various criteria specifically aimed at the modern independent female driver. Safety, sex appeal and fuel efficiency are a few of the criteria used in judging a car’s drivability.

The 2012 Range Rover Evoque has been named the Women’s World Car of the Year for 2012. The Evoque offers excellent handling and braking capabilities and a powerful four cylinder engine. Stylish though it may be, the Evoque is also quite the off-road vehicle; it is capable of 240 horsepower with 250 pounds per foot of torque. This is possible because of the Evoque’s supercharged 2.0 liter engine, which provides excellent performance with easy handling. Therefore, most women who try the Evoque find it comfortable and easy to drive despite its impressive power.

One category that played a large role in the 2012 Women’s World Car of the Year award was family friendliness. The interior of the Evoque is relatively average; many of its interior features are similar to those found in many other luxury SUVs. It is the exterior, however, that makes the Evoque ideal for the modern woman. The Evoque is the only two-door compact SUV available. This gives the Evoque a huge advantage over other compact SUVs, because the Evoque also comes in a four-door model. These two options make the Evoque equally ideal for both single independent woman and mothers with several children, since the four-door option is perfect for women with even large families. This versatility gives the Evoque a significant advantage over competing compact SUVs. Most of the vehicles up for the award accommodated families, but it was the Evoque alone that offered a sexier independent exterior option as well.

A major aspect of the Women’s World Car of the Year award is safety. The Evoque offers a wide variety of industry-leading safety features, including driver, passenger, side and thorax airbags. It also comes with anti-lock brakes, emergency brake lights and hill start assist.

The Women’s World Car of the Year award is separated into four categories: luxury cars, sports cars, economy cars and family cars. The vehicle rated best in all these categories combined is given the title of Women’s World Car of the Year. The Evoque achieved this title by combining style and luxury while still holding its own as an efficient family car. The well rounded Range Rover Evoque is 2012’s ideal vehicle for the independent woman, offering options other compact SUVs do not.

Female motoring writers from all over the world were brought together to judge all the vehicles released in 2012. Each car was scrupulously analyzed and criticized to find the one that offered the optimal blend of efficiency, comfort and aesthetic appeal for the woman of 2012. The Evoque impressed judges in all categories and claimed its position as 2012’s best vehicle for women worldwide.