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Toyota Hybridises The RAV4 And Ditches Diesel.

Toyota‘s RAV4 has been given a hefty whack with the overhaul stick. A hybrid drivetrain, new AWD systems, and a revamp of the exterior, will see the 2019 RAV4 head twoards the third decade of the 21st century with the same verve it brought when first launched a quarter of a century ago.

Currently scheduled to hit Aussie showroom floors in the second quarter of 2019, the Recreational Active Vehicle 4 wheel drive will have both hybrid and non-hybrid drivetrains, new engines, and a new eight speed auto. Engine capacities will be either 2.0L or 2.5L, with the smaller engine producing 127kW and 203Nm. Pick the bigger donk and there is 152kW and 243Nm. The hybrid package is slated to produce 155kW and a as yet unannounced amount of torque. The battery system will be located under the rear seat so no loss of storage space will occur. However, there will be no diesel engine to be made available as Toyota moves across to a hybrid SUV future.

A CVT or “intelligent” six speed manual can be selected for the smaller engine, with the manual said to be able to rev match in order to assist in economy and smoother shifts.The non-hybrid 2.5L is the one that will bolt to the eight speed auto. A lower ratio first gear not dissimilar to that fitted to the hybrid Corolla’s transmission assists in getting the vehicle up and running. This engine and transmission combination will have a mechanical AWD system, with the same size engine and hybrid receiving an electrical AWD setup. It’s smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient that a mechanical system, and coupled with a generator attached to the rear axle with a specific drive ration, will generate more torque at the rear for better driveability. Up to 80% of the torque generated can be rearward directed.

Torque vectoring also comes in and looks to be specific for the 2.5L and mechanical system. This will not only direct up to 50% of torque to the rear but will, as deemed necessary, split torque between the rear left and rear right wheel. If the onboard sensors feel that all is good, then torque and power is primarily aimed towards the front.

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s vice president sales and marketing, said the new drivelines and AWD systems will add to the RAV4’s spirit of adventure and driving pleasure by delivering enhanced performance, capability and control.

“All-new RAV4 will offer even greater appeal for people looking to re-energise in comfort and luxury, whether on the everyday commute or while enjoying weekend trips away. The new drivetrains deliver confidence-inspiring performance and agility and will result in a new perception of hybrid with electric AWD capability that enhances driving pleasure.”

Extra driving goodness comes from AIM. The AWD Integrated Management automatically adjusts vital vehicle systems, according to the drive mode selected, steering assist, brake and throttle control, shift pattern and drive torque distribution. There’s Eco, Normal, and Sport modes to choose from, with Eco backing off the torque for fuel efficiency. Sport changes the steering assistance level, the throttle control, and the distribution of torque.

Inside the mechanical AWD RAV4 will be a drive mode switch for different terrains; mud and sand, or rock and dirt, can be selected for easy going soft-roading. Go to the hybrid version and Toyota will fit an automatic Limited Slip Differential, which can be activated via a toggle in the cabin, for difficult driving circumstances.

All of this will be packaged in a new body, with final sign-off for Australia yet to be confirmed as which style. Contact your local Toyota dealer to register your intert.