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Today's Women and Shopping For Cars

To all women out there looking to buy a new car – don’t despair there is help available in many places and you have certainly landed on a site which can be one of your best allies.  Here are a few tips to survive without looking ridiculous or taking that token male with you for protection.

If you are purchasing a new car, firstly look around on the road for vehicles that grab your attention.  Spend a week or more doing this. It is very important. The best way to save time and money is to narrow your field of vision. Unlike our ‘male counterparts’ this also covers more than just’ brand’. Our female brain will automatically mutil-task and include your lifestyle, personal needs, family size and, within reason –your budget.

Next, research on-line the comparative vehicles and check that they include all the internal features you want. Yes, safety is really the most important thing, but comfort and ease of use are the best features for you to love your new car; particularly if you like to name your cars. Make sure the kids have the DVD; you have cruise control etc, etc, etc. For me it is the new proximity keys. If they are in my hand bag (anywhere) I can get in and start the car; YES!!! When it is raining and the kids are screaming, and the groceries have to still be thrown in, the one thing I can count on is my ‘Tardis’ handbag never has to open.

Don’t be too nerdy about it though. You don’t need a spread sheet, just a list.

The next thing is to call your local dealers (ask for the female sales person, if there is one) and set an appointment. They will be there JUST FOR YOU. Ask to drive the car for a while, and respectfully ask them to shut up and just answer your questions. Because the feel, vision and seat positions are what you need to work out for yourself. The best question for the sales person is to show them your list of cars and ask them, “What are the positive aspects of these other models and  in their opinion why is their car better for you ?” They will focus on that rather than you. Trying to find positive points of another brand will take some effort on their part. They may give you an insight you never thought of or, if they are clueless and self opinionated, they dont deserve your business anyway.

Next, be honest- to a point. If you do not like the car don’t dance through the pricing, Sales Managers etc. Just let them know your concerns which absolutely remove that vehicle from your list (e.g. the seat length is too short and you were uncomfortable) and thank them for their time.

But, if you do like the car give them your list of wants and needs and ask them, “to price it for you quickly, as you will shop another dealer to keep them honest”. If it is way over you budget – either remove something from the wish list, or walk away graciously to a cheaper car. There is NO shame in intelligent buying!

 Remember the cost of ownership does not always equal the cost of purchase!!! Ask for the service pricing schedule and the servicing intervals. You may be able to afford the car, but not its maintenance as well.

Lastly walk away – even for a coffee (preferably a day). Take your time. It is not a pair of jeans. If your ‘bum looks big in this car’ – you probably have to live with that for 3-10 years. And no-one wants that!!! And never ask your friends; they have opinions that are so random that it will confuse you even more (unless she works in the Motor trade).  Use a car buying service and Private Fleet, where you are right now, just happens to be Australia’s leading company to assist you with this process. They will help you with your choices and then do all of the price negotiation for you.

Buy the car YOU want, in the price range YOU can afford, that suits YOU and YOUR lifestyle. You will find the choice narrows down to only one or two vehicles; and that is a much easier choice!