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To GPS or not to GPS?

Getting guidance in life is an important aspect of getting through life’s hurdles.  Sometimes, one of life’s hurdles can be getting across town the best way, in the best time and on time.  Global Positioning Systems are set up for helping us not to feel bewildered and lost.  They offer guidance as to the best route to take from A to B, and they also tell you where in the world you are.

I like to know where I am.  One of the features of the GPS system is to reveal information, using a map, of where your whereabouts actually is.  Knowing where you are is so important.  When you are cooped up in a city maze, not knowing the people, not recognising the buildings and – “for crying out loud” – having to decide whether to take the next turn on the move is sometimes a little bit too much of a headache.  Having a car that is equipped with GPS is certainly a blessing in situations like these. 

All you need to do is TURN IT ON.  I’ve known people who have got themselves lost having refused or even forgotten to use this new-fangled feature in their high-end luxury car.  What the hell is the use of not working your gadgetry in the car that is there to help you?  The problem is, and they don’t always like to admit it, not everyone is technologically savvy.  I mean, does everyone know how to use every feature of their cell phone – which is now becoming somewhat of a dinosaur in the computing world.  Read the instructions!  Every car that comes equipped with a GPS will have instructions on how to use it.  Do take the time to fully know your kit, because, if you do, you’ll be amazed at how easy the GPS works for you to get you where you want to be in a time you will have not thought possible.

One of the key features of the GPS is it knows where you are and knows what obstacles are in your way ahead of time.  It will sit there knowing where you are all the time; however, once you feed in the information of where you want to get to, the GPS comes into its own.  No more fights with the other half.  No more ripped maps.  And no more being late for the meetings.  The GPS will gently guide you through the city maze, motorway madness or race against time… at least in theory. 

Finally, just let the GPS pick your path for you.  It’s got the big picture, and you have the bumper in front to deal with.  You’ll be amazed at how the GPS does make your life simpler, more relaxed and more attractive.  Yes, the voice of the GPS system ain’t sexy.  In fact it’s rather dead beat.  However, you’ll learn quickly to appreciate its soft, calm voice guiding you through what can be one of life’s hardest trials: getting across town.

But there are times when you want to switch it off.  Nobody wants that all-too calm computer voice nagging them to “perform a U-turn when safe” and take the most direct route when you’re trying to take the scenic route ON PURPOSE, or if you have made a quick detour to fill up the tank – or because another piece of technology, i.e. the phone, has brought you a “pick me up now” message.  And occasionally, you get a lower-end GPS telling you to go down a dead-end street and out again as part of your trip.

Got a story about how a GPS helped you out – or let you down?  Let us know.