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The F-word in fashion, making millions.

The F-word we’re referring to is “Ferrari”.

Somehow World financial crises and confidence worries have by-passed the Ferrari name.

A new World record for a sale of a car was set last month for this Ferrari 250 GTO built in 1952 for Sir Stirling Moss. It is reported to have been sold for a massive $35 million dollars. That eclipses the previous record that was held by a Bugatti Atlantic (though unsubstantiated).

But this is only a follower of fashion with some remarkable sales of Ferraris reported over the last few months.

A Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was sold a couple of months ago for $25m., then another 250 GTO (rather common aren’t they?) sold for a price approaching $30m. Apparently around eight classic and collectable Ferraris have sold over the last few weeks for around $135 million. GFC-what GFC?

The new World record holder, an American by the name of Craig McCaw, can seemingly afford it. He was the co-founder of McCaw Cellular that was sold for $US11.5 billion nearly 20 years ago. So the interest on that alone would have probably bought him his car 100 times over.

OK, OK, perhaps the pic we chose for the story doesn’t do justice to $35m. We didn’t cheat, it is an actual picture of the car, but the buyer may prefer the one below? Even so, would you part with that much money for it?