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The environment and all that stuff.

It is quite remarkable just how tragic the BP oil disaster has become.  The expanse of the oil spill has played havoc on nature’s balance.  But it is events like this that makes you question – just how far will humans go?

Isn’t it about time that we made some massive changes to the phenomenal rate at which we are using up the globe’s natural resources?  I mean, we all love to drive cars but where on earth are we going to draw the line when it comes to unsustainable usage of the earth’s natural resources? 

Oil is just one of the significant resources that humans have, perhaps, overused for decades now.  Logging of native timbers in the Amazon is another example of unsustainable exploitative use of a finite resource.  And the timber issue is very serious!  There seems to be no significant exercise of restraint used on the logging of timber from out of the Amazon.  Again, like oil, the logging of native timber is a money-driven exploitation.

It is wonderful to see the steps made to improving carbon emissions from vehicles.  Particularly over the last five years, this has been evident.  There is still a long way to go; however, the prominent motor-vehicle manufacturers are making a credible improvement on shrinking the carbon footprint globally.

Is it a foregone conclusion that the oil resources around the globe will be completely used up by 2050?  How long will it ever take to create them again? 

This is sobering science to contemplate.  So, where to from here?  Can governments around the world actually unite on conserving and protecting our natural global resources?

A number of quirky ways of conserving our resources have already revealed themselves through some very interesting and distinguished people.  Solar-powered cars, solar panelling on roads to generate the energy to move vehicles, wind power, going back to sail boats (but with today’s technology), hydrogen cars and steam-powered cars to name a few.

And have you heard of the newly developed cars in America to be run on water?  By using sea water from out of the Gulf, cars just might be getting some quite good mileages!