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The Car Industry in Australia – a Timeline

Like any industry, cars in Australia have had their ups and downs, but they remain an important part of the nation’s industrial and manufacturing heritage.

We look at the car industry in Australia in this interactive timeline

Inspired by and with thanks to On Four Wheels – a wonderful timeline which new information is being added to and amended thanks to a passionate and local following.

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  1. Bob Chantrell says:

    1… There were a ‘few’ complete fords imported in 1908 but by the beginning of the following year Duncan and Fraser, of Adelaide was offering a Adelaide built body on an imported chassis. These chassis must have been on the water from day one, if you follow the time line.
    2… Holden, Correct name, Holden, Saddles and Frost, built bodies onto the then new Dodge chassis, in Adelaide in 1917, the Chevrolet did not come along till several years later.

    Sourced from the book ‘From Horse To Horse power’

    January 29th, 2015 at 4:54 am