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Sales Records Smashed in 2012

The final sales figures for 1012 are in, and they make very interesting reading.

The full press release published earlier today is reproduced below.

“Official VFACTS data released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) shows that a total of 1,112,032 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were delivered to customers during 2012. This is a new record and only the fifth time ever that more than one million vehicles were sold in a year. The 2012 total represents an increase in volume of 10.3 per cent (or 103,595 more sales) compared with 2011. Announcing the result today, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the 2012 full year result was quite a feat in a world market that has been under financial pressure in recent years. It also reflects that the Australian market is one of the most open and competitive in the world. “Reduced tariffs as well as changing consumer preferences have contributed to making the dynamic and innovative automotive industry that we have today,” Mr Weber said. “The 2012 sales result bears that out. Customer demand has been high and the industry has responded with a wide range of vehicles powered by a range of different fuels.”

Mr Weber commented that the record result is also notable because of changing consumer preferences which are reflected in the segments’ changing market share. The single largest category was still the passenger car segment (51.9 per cent); however, the burgeoning SUV segment increased its market share by 3.3 per cent to 27.5 per cent with an all-time sales record set in 2012.

“For the second successive year a small imported car, the Mazda3, is Australia’s most popular model,” Mr Weber said. “The same vehicles as 2011 also hold the top five spots, but in a different order.

“And three of the top ten are also built locally, dispelling any suggestion that our domestic manufacturers aren’t producing cars that Australians want to buy.” Sales results Toyota was the best-selling vehicle brand in 2011, with 218,176 sales for a market share of 19.6 per cent.

Holden and Mazda finished second and third with 114,665 sales (10.3 per cent market share) and 103,886 (9.3 per cent) respectively. Mazda3 was the best-selling model for the full year, beating the Toyota HiLux by 3,482 vehicles to finish with 44,128 sales.

Toyota Corolla was third overall with 38,799 sales, followed by the Holden Commodore (30,532) and Holden Cruze (29,161). The SUV and light commercial segments led the sales charge throughout 2012, growing by 25.3 and 12.2 per cent respectively. Looking forward Mr Weber said FCAI’s outlook for 2013 was cautiously optimistic. “In 2012 Australia thankfully avoided much of the GFC aftermath and, with production resuming in disaster affected nations, the automotive industry was able to respond to the enthusiasm of the car buying public with great deals on an almost overwhelming range of vehicles. The record 2012 result was the culmination of these factors. “During this election year, and with production now having caught up with back orders, FCAI forecasts a national automotive market of 1,075,000 for 2013.”

SALES RESULTS Top 10 manufacturers (by sales volume):

Rank   Brand               2012            2011           % diff

1.          Toyota          218,176      181,624      20.1

2.         Holden          114,665      126,095       -9.1

3.         Mazda           103,886        88,333       17.6

4.        Hyundai          91,536        87,008         5.2

5.         Ford                90,408        91,243        -0.9

6.        Nissan             79,747        67,926        17.4

7.        Mitsubish      58,868         61,108      –  3.7

8.       Volkswagen   54,835      44,740        22.6

9.       Subaru            40,189       34,011         18.2

10.    Honda             35,8 02        30,107       18.9
Source: VFACTS Top 10 individual models (by sales volume):


Rank   Vehicle                                 2012          2011      % diff

1.         Mazda3                               44,128      41,429        6.5

2.       Toyota HiLux                   40,646      36,124       12.5

3.      Toyota Corolla                  38,799      36,087         7.5

4.     Holden Commodore        30,532     40,617     -24.8

5.     Holden Cruze                      29,161      33,784     -13.7

6.     Hyundai i30                        28,348     28,869        -1.8

8.     Toyota Camry                   27,230     19,169        42.1

7.     Nissan Navara                   26,045     21,675        20.2

9.     Toyota Yaris                     18,808      16,214        16.0

10.   Ford Focus                        18,586      12,863        44.5

Source: VFACTS”