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New Nissans on the horizon

Nissan have announced the launch of four new models between April 2012 and March 2013; the new Micra platform ‘Almera’, the Leaf Electric Vehicle, Patrol SUV and the Tiida replacement into the Australian market. The Tiida replacement vehicle will either be known as the ‘Pulsar’ or the ‘Versa’. The brand Tiida failed to capture the Australian market with sales dropping a whopping 41% this year alone. We assume they will return to the Aussie loved Pulsar, but corporate decisions are sometimes not based on human reality. Go figure.

There may be some difficulty in brand recognition initially as the ‘Almera’ was the name for the European Export of the discontinued Pulsar, now they are moving it to the Micra replacement. Luckily here in Australia, we like our cars simply to sound like a ‘car’ and if they don’t, we simply don’t buy them. Let’s hope they spend enough money on the advertising to make us all ‘see the light’ of yet another branding change.

Nissan Australia has stated that the ‘Almera’ (the new Micra) will be the same platform but it will have four doors and a different body completely and different engines to choose from.

Nissan are hoping to join Mitsubishi and Toyota in the electric car game with the Leaf Electric. Not much has been said about it, but Nissan’s growth in the international market and its tremendously modern designers it will be something to see when it finally arrives. Let’s hope it is priced reasonably unlike its cousin, the iMiev from Mitusbishi.

Australians’ have always loved the Patrol and to convert it to a complete SUV is sheer genius. The Patrol name is synonymous with safety, ruggedness and reliability so it is sure to be a winner if it carries modern styling with all those basic features.

2012 is shaping up to be a great year of growth for Nissan; let’s hope the cars themselves are not a letdown like the Tiida and the Maxima.

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