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New models discovered in Paris

Not so long ago, the Paris Motor Show was in full swing.  Motor Shows are when the motoring world gets to see the weird, the wild, the wonderful and the new.  While we all know that some of the oddities unveiled at these shows never quite make it into production and some of the new models don’t get Down Under for yonks, these shows are always entertaining if you’re only slightly interested in cars and motoring – and even if you’re not.

New models are being unveiled by the following auto manufacturers: Audi (world premiere for the latest A7 Sportback, the R8 GT and R8 V8 Spyder models), Chevrolet (world premiere for latest Aveo, Orlando, Cruze and Captiva), Citröen (latest C4 and DS4), Ford (Focus ST Concept, Fiesta RS WRC and the unveiling of a demo model plug-in hybrid), Honda (Jazz Hybrid), Hyundai (JC), Kia (the concept car Pop), Land Rover (Range Rover Evoque), Mazda (new look 3 and 5), Mercedes Benz (A-Class E-Cell, three CLS variants and the S class), Opel (GTC Paris and Astra Sport Tourer), Peugeot (508 and 3008 hybrid), Renault (De Zir, Fluence ZE, Twizy, Twingo Miss Sixty and Laguna Phase 2), Smart (a fortwo facelift, car2go and two motorbikes/scooters), Toyota (Verso S), Volkswagen (latest Passat) and Volvo (latest V60).  It still remains to be seen which ones of these will get down to this part of the world, but I’m hoping that we’ll see the Honda Jazz Hybrid, at the very least, and we certainly want to see new models of old favourites.  But something tells me that the Renault Twingo Miss Sixty is going to need a bit of re-badging or re-naming before it comes down here – can you really imagine asking to see a “Twingo Miss Sixty” at the local car dealers?

However, none of the other new cars seem to have really peculiar names.  The following have all been real names for real cars, and you have to wonder what on earth the manufacturers were thinking:

  • Subaru Brat (apparently, BRAT stood for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter). Seen in 1980s
  • AMC Gremlin.  Gremlin, of course, is slang for a mysterious problem in the mechanics. Seen in 1970s
  • Daihatsu Naked. Seen 2000–2004.
  • Honda Life Dunk. A reasonable-looking car but can anyone take a name like that seriously? Early 2000s.
  • Honda That’s.  Never very popular outside Japan. Another early 2000s oddity.
  • Toyota Estima Lucida G Luxury Joyful Canopy.  Also known as the Toyota Previa.
  • Tang Hua Detroit Fish.  Fortunately unknown outside China because it’s hideous and tiny as well as having a bizarre name.
  • Chevrolet Luv.
  • Geely Beauty Leopard.  Chinese again.  Either “beauty” or “leopard” alone works OK, but together?
  • Geely (again) PU Rural Nanny

Any other horror names that people have come across?


  1. Gavin says:

    In the 60`s Nissan imported a medium /large sedan called the CEDRIC. Apparently Nissan asked for a typically English name and some wag put up Cedric because that was the name of Little Lord Fauntleroy, who was actually the main character in an 1886 American children`s book. He has since appeared on biscuit tins, in films, etc. Nissan swallowed it.
    I noticed late model Cedrics in Japan a few years ago. They are 2.5 litre petrol, some used as police cars, and you can get a grey import.

    November 23rd, 2010 at 11:35 am