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New Car That Does 560mph for $499 Here!

Quite a story, eh?  This is the world of remote control hobby cars. One of the leading brands has just announced a new remote controlled car that actually does a real 70mph for a sale price of $499US. Size for size that translates to 560mph. See it in action here

This is a market that we are not too familiar with, so we did a little more research. It seems that 70mph is not quite so impressive as the world record is an amazing real, (not simulated) 161mph, but this is a specially made car that cost the owner more than $4000

Apparently they had to hire a fully-fledged drag strip to test the model car and ratify the world record.

Now that’s enthusiasm for you.

There is, of course, a flourishing remote control car hobby group in Australia. Does anyone know the Australian speed record?