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More on the 2010 Sales Numbers

With month one having flown by and the first sales figures of 2011 available today for scrutiny, showing a 1.7% decrease compared to January 2010, I thought it was time to take another look at our million plus effort from 2010.

The motoring industry had a great year in overall sales even with all of the international pressures of GFC aftermath. Good new to manufacturs who have failed dismally elsewhere in the world. The new vehicle market had a rise in sales of 10.5% (98,246 vehicles) over 2009 figures. The total figure of vehicles sold in 2010 was 1,035,574 which is very decent considering our small population base.

The ‘shining star’ segment was the Compact SUV with and whopping increase in sales of 36.6%, which is a boost of 30,759 vehicles. It is proof that our buying habits are closely related to our opinions on global warming and rising fuel prices. The compact SUV allows for the family to be both mobile and economical.

It is no surprise that Toyota kept is top position in the Aussie market followed by the beloved Holden, Ford and Mazda brands. It is good to see that the up and coming global giants like Hyundai, Mitsubishi, VW and Nissan are making head ways into our markets. They are all producing good quality, highly equipped, safety conscious vehicles without the price tag. Toyota is miles ahead, but there is real competition for the top spot in such a volatile and fickle market such as the motoring industry.

Toyota holds the lead at 20.7% market share (214,718 vehicles)-down from 2009 by 0.7%; Holden is in 2nd place with a 12.8% market share-steady from the previous year; and Ford in 3rd place with 9.2% share which is down  1.1% from ’09.

The increasing share holders are Hyundai with and increase of 1% to 7.7% (80,038 vehicles); Nissan up 0.5% to 6.1%; and VW up 0.5% to 3.7%.

In sheer numbers the only major manufacturers (Top 10) in 2010 that did not increase its volume number (cars actually sold in the calendar year) were Ford and Honda. Ford decreased in sales by 1,217 vehicles in 2010. This is unfortunate for such an iconic Australian brand-even though it is American in its heritage and ownership. Whatever happened to the ‘Ford man’ or the ‘Holden family’? They were simpler times and I can see Ford making inroads again in the years to come with some new attractive models on the horizon.

It seems there is real desire for Australians to own and drive new vehicles with the 2010 figures proving that buyer awareness is growing and the dealers are addressing their individual needs through an array of pricing, equipment and solid manufacturing to keep the buyers happy.

It is a buyers’ market, so keep your eye out for a bargain.

P.S. Would anyone like to have a guess at the year end figure for 2011? Remember last year was 1,035,574. I’ll start the ball rolling with 980,000.