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Making Cars The Old Way

The Morgan Automobile Company

 Until Henry Ford developed the assembly line approach to mass production, automobiles were assembled individually by hand. Each part was painstakingly machined, fitted and finished by workers who were more artisans than they were mechanics. Even the body parts were hammered out on wooden bucks and then carefully fitted in place. No two vehicles were exactly the same and parts were not interchangeable. In the early days of the automobile, blacksmiths were the mechanics. Most parts were individually forged and machined with the smith being the only craftsman skilled enough to do the job.

 Along came that Ford guy with his mass production and the world of the automobile changed for nearly all the participants. Modern cars are not only produced where everything is interchangeable, but there are so many electronic “nannies” that they almost drive themselves, too. In fact, there is work being done on a totally automated vehicle that will travel on an electronic roadway while the occupants busy themselves with other tasks while on the way to and from work. For those who to whom the trip is the reason to travel, not the destination, it will be a sad day when most motorways are automated.

 There is still one car manufacturer who has not changed the way they produce cars since the day they built their first car in Great Britain in 1911. Founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, the Morgan Motor Company is now run by his grandson, Charles Morgan. The company is still independent and still makes cars by hand. Their vehicles sell for between $44,000 and $300,000 USD, depending upon the model and equipment.


The beginnings of a Morgan are carefully assembled wooden frames over which are formed metal structural members. The bodies are individually crafted, fitted and assembled and just like in the early days, no parts are interchangeable with other vehicles of the same model. Every finished car is an individual work of art.


A Morgan purchaser is a special type of motorist. They are an enthusiastic driver who likes to be connected with their vehicle and be aware of the roadway under their wheels. They look forward to winding roads with great anticipation. They appreciate fine craftsmanship and are willing to pay for near perfection. Their friends are also auto enthusiasts and they share stories and the location of interesting stretches of highway on which they exercise their steeds.