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Lexus- Big Changes on the Horizon

The Lexus motor company is really hitting the pavement running with its all new designs and model line ups, or at least the planning and endless chitchat about such changes are becoming rife. This includes a rumoured BMW X1 rival being planned as well as a newer ‘ES’ version which will no doubt be based on the next model Camry, like its predecessor.

Lexus needs a bit of a refresh as its sales numbers have dropped off in recent times. The ‘Sports Hybrid’ CT 200h has got the ball rolling, averaging around 150 units per month in Australia, similar numbers to the established IS250.

The next change we can see in showrooms is the next  Lexus GS model which is set to make great changes into the 21st century of ‘fun’ motoring – FINALLY. One of the world’s most boring cars is now being tweaked to within an inch of it ‘old-man’ status into a mid-sized interesting driving experience.

The design is still strong and very ‘GS’ in this 4th generation styling but its true performance comes with its engagement of the driver. The Australian market will be receiving the GS350 and the GS450h, but not the lovely F Sports which is only designated to the cold countries at this stage.

The designers have obviously looked at the LFA supercar for styling and performance cues. It is bolder, stronger and nearly confidently shouting ‘look at me’. That is what Lexus has been lacking in the past few years – something to shout ‘hey look at Lexus”. We all know the Lexus is reliable, practical and generally very sound. This is not all we want or we would all be driving Prius’. A great reliable car that handles like it is on rails…and fits all the kids – now that’s a winner.

This has obviously come from the Toyota Corporation ‘internationalising’ the Lexus brand and making it a separate and individual division which includes engineering, design and marketing.

Peter Evans, Lexus’ Australian Marketing Director, has said that there is will be a much broader offering including 4-cylinder and diesel models to compete with the Mercedes E220 and BMW 520d. For a brand that currently starts at just short of $100K that is good news to allow more people to even consider looking at the wonderful Lexus brand.

So next time you are looking for a new family sized sedan put the GS Lexus on your list, as it is an up and coming star in this market space.


  1. Ian says:

    If Lexus is expanding, what about Toyota???

    Toyota Australia are so far behind and bring in rubbish mid range vehicles eg Rukus (Scion??), 3 dr Prado. Why no 5.7l V8 in Landcruiser or Tundra. The market is right for these vehicles. The 3.0l Turbo diesel needs a major enhancement. The Fortuner would also sell well.

    If you import these vehicles Toyota will not support as classed as “grey imports”. Its a Toyota!!!! no matter what.

    We have owned over 20 new Toyota’s in our lifetime (in Australia and overseas) and boy Toyota’s selection in Australia is woefull.

    September 20th, 2011 at 12:15 pm