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Interbrand Ranks Toyota No.1 for 2011


In July 2011, Interbrand, the World’s biggest brand consultancy, ranked the Toyota brand as the number 1 most valuable and most green car manufacturer on the planet. Toyota was quickly followed by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda and VW. Audi, Hyundai, Porsche, Nissan and Ferrari made it into the top 100 companies worldwide. The details are here

The volatility of the 2011 market has lead Interbrand to believe that companies’ resilience to market fluctuations is the key to staying afloat. The market place is changing as is the face of business.

The fast paced growth of the classic European market and the Chinese demand for American Automobiles has been the primary link to recovery.

The highlight of the show has to have been the Nissan Motor group making it into the top 100 companies (90th worldwide and 9th in the automotive field). Nissan was able to regroup and restock its inventory faster than its Japanese competitors after the devastating earthquake in March. It has increased its brand value like everyone else – resilience.

The Korean’s are not to be sneezed at in this area of growth and prosperity, as they showed the highest market growth over all other car makers with an astonishing 19% growth in one year. The Hyundai brand is a juggernaut with extremely high quality automobiles at a reasonable price. In today’s market place value for money is a winner.

With both an internal crisis of diminishing quality control in 2010 and an external earthquake crisis in 2011 the company dug in and focused on safety and quality modifications for its 2011 models. Add to that the implementation of a new strategy to capitalise on its world-renowned green efforts, Toyota weathered the storm beautifully to come out on top.

In fact, Interbrand named Toyota its overall, “Best Global Green Brand” ahead of 3M and Siemens. In fact, car manufacturers came out very ‘green’ indeed by filling 7 of the top 20 positions in this ranking.