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I want my car back! A legal stoush to end all legal stouches.

Now here’s a bonanza for lawyers.

Let’s have a quick look at the sequence of events that a couple of teams (at least) of international lawyers will be salivating over:-

1. A German is imprisoned at the end of World War Two.

2. American army impounds his car.

3. Car dispappears from view for many years and is bought years later by a Dutchman through a highly reputable US auction house.

4. Dutchman, thrilled with his new acquisition, proudly displays his car at a German Auto show.

So far so good,except, here’s the car:-

It’s no ordinary car. In fact it’s an extremely rare-and extremely expensive Mercedes 500K Spezial Roadster that the current owner paid $4m for recently. Here’s the story. The car has been around as a collectors item for the cognocenti for about 40 years, and nobody knew its wartime history. The car was originally owned by a German industrialist by the name of Hans Prym, who was understandably very annoyed indeed when he got out of jail to find the American Army had taken his car. He was unable to trace it, so gave it up as a lost cause. However his descendants didn’t give up. His 84 year old daughter actually now lives in the USA, but could do nothing until the car was in Germany. Now a German court has seized it from the unfortunate owner and the Prym family lawyers are preparing a claim for repatriation.

You can imagine the stoush that will ensue over two continents and two ‘owners’ let alone the auction house, previous owners and the US army!