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I know where that car comes from!

We have said that manufacturers are not required to state the country of origin for vehicles sold in Australia.

One of our bloggers, however, posted a comment saying that you just have to look at the compliance place to see where it comes from.

Whilst some carmakers do put the name of the country that made the car on the plate, it is not compulsory.

Still our blogger is, in fact, technically correct!

You see, the first two letters of the VIN number do denote the manufacturing location.

But if the vin starts with ‘SA’ would you know that it is made in the UK?

Or 3A Mexico?

Probably not, until now, that is.

We have listed below the first two digits for vin numbers and their origin code for some of the major manufacturing countries.

OK, that’s a start, but we don’t think it’s enough. we feel that the actual name of the country of origin should also be clearly written on the vin plate, and it can’t be that difficult as the code is the key.

VA through VE – Austria

6A through 6W – Australia

YA through YE – Belgium

9A through 9E – Brazil

2A through 2O – Canada

LA through LO – China

YF through YK – Finland

VF through VR – France

SN through ST – Germany

WA through WO – Germany

TR through TV – Hungary

ZA through ZR – Italy

JA through JO – Japan

PL through PR – Malaysia

3A through 3W – Mexico

XL through XR – Netherlands

SU through SZ – Poland

U5 through U7 – Slovak Republic

AA through AH – South Africa

KL through KR – South Korea

VS through VW – Spain

YS through YW – Sweden

ML through MR – Thailand

NL through NR – Turkey

SA through SM – United Kingdom

1A through 1O – United States

4A through 4O – United States

5A through 5O – United States