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How Times Have Changed

In these times of political correctness and social acceptability, to say nothing of safety issues, it is sometimes amusing to reflect that it wasn’t always like this.

A case in point is a car ad that we came across recently. The car is a Czechoslovakian made Tatra 603 made 50 years ago. It has a heavy V8 lump of an engine mounted in the boot, yet still manages the most remarkable road-holding capabilities and, despite rolling down a mountainside, can still arrive at the bottom totally unscathed!

“Truth in Advertising” simply wasn’t a dictum then, so it still gives us a few minutes’ entertainmment and some wonderment looking at what they could get away with in this less restrictive advertising era.

The commercial is in two parts, both worth watching (if you have plenty of time to spare) so sit back and relax by clicking here