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Have our priorities changed when we buy a new car?

How much do you think about safety when buying a car?  Surveys tell us that a new car buyer is taking a greater interest in how well a car has performed in reputable crash tests.  


Kicking tyres is a fun pass time for many blokes, and I guess that there are a good number of women who enjoy checking out cars as well.  How nice a car looks has always hit somewhere near the top of the list for a number of prospective car buyers, as well as the vehicle’s performance figures – be it acceleration or fuel consumption.  Another important point of consideration is how practical the car could be.  In earlier days, the car’s safety record would have been one of the last things to have considered before forking out the money to the car salesperson. 


Things have changed a lot.  Now, top of the question list for plenty of discerning car buyers is how well will this car, I’m looking to buy, protect me in a severe accident? 


Today there is so much excellent information from many top crash testing organisations that will aid us to make, what we feel, is the best decision when choosing a new car. 


Modern technology is so incredibly advanced, and car manufacturers know that safety features help to sell there cars – more than it has ever done in the past.


Take a look at the data and results from Australia’s leading crash testing organisation: ANCAP.  You have access to crashworthiness information by year of car manufacture.  Without a doubt newer cars are, on average, safer than older ones. Furthermore, if safety features are optional, purchasing a car new allows these optional features to be fitted to the car.  These days, airbags, electronic stability control and ABS are the basic safety features that new car manufacturers really need to have inside their vehicles to make them a competitive safety package.


Does it bother you how safe your car is – the one that you have your heart set on? 


Buying almost new does have its benefits, however.   Purchasing a used car often saves many thousands of dollars over purchasing the same car new. This can allow you to buy a larger car or a car with better safety features than you may have been able to afford otherwise.  Generally, larger cars, and cars with more safety features, provide better real world occupant protection in a crash than smaller cars with less safety features. It is often the case that an older second hand large or luxury car will provide better crash protection than a new small car with few safety features.  And, you can purchase the larger car for around the same money as the new small car.


It’s super to see that safety is being taken seriously by the new car manufacturer.  After all, you can always replace a smashed up car – not so easy your loved ones.