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Great Wall Motors on the move.

Great Wall: What a name for a car!  However, it’s not all about the name.   But I do think they could have come up with something a little more romantic or exotic.  Something with a little more panache would have served them better.  Shuan means river, and it has a nice elegant sound to it.  Shan means mountain.  Shan XR8 would do the trick. 

Perhaps not Dong, Lu or Ning.  Fukien means ‘happy establishment’, but for the European it sounds a little close to… something else. 

Some poor soul has to get the lucky job of naming a vehicle for a country with a different language and culture.  I shouldn’t poke too much fun at the Great Wall Motors car manufacturing team, as, globally, the vehicle sales are definitely picking up. And you definitely can’t argue with the price.  A Great Wall Motors 4×4 SUV vehicle is only going to hit you up for under $24k in Australia.  With ABS, airbags and a number of high end features onboard, Great Wall Motors can’t be beaten on value. 

With this sort of competition, one thing I do hope will happen is that a new Mercedes Benz or BMW might become a little cheaper for the average Joe Bloggs. 

All Great Wall models come with a three year/100,000 kilometre warranty.  And this is as good as you’ll find elsewhere. 

So far the Great Wall utes and SUVs are standing up to the test.  Would I buy one?  I definitely would if I had the need.  I think that the new price holds so much ‘bang for the buck’ that for three years, at least, you’ve got it made.  For the same price, the alternative vehicle would be someone’s discarded work vehicle with medium ks on it – and not under warranty.  I know which one I’d prefer.