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Fathers Day: Flowing in the Family Fuel-Line


“The Force runs strong in my family. My father has it, I have it. You have that power too”

This weekend, I chose to go back to my homeland to visit my parents. For today is Fathers Day. And as I write my dad sites atop his throne, catching up on the weekends’ motorsport. People say that some thing don’t change, this tradition has been in effect throughout my life and I can’t see this changing. While many people I know are posting wonderfully sentimental Facebook statuses with obligatory father-child photo, I thought I would take it one further. The Glynn family gene pool has been dominated by motorsport since the beginning of time. Today is the perfect day to celebrate and thank the man responsible for introducing me to the world of cars.

While growing up, I never did quite fit in with those around me. Now I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons why this may be, but for me there was always one that stood out. Everyone would always be talking about football; great goals, terrible fouls and my personal favourite of referring to their team as ‘we’ as if apparently they have some say in how the team is run. For me though, all I wanted to do was talk about motorsport. Did I wish I could join in the sports chat? Not one bit.

My love for all things cars can be traced back to my dad. Honestly? I could not be more thankful for it.

Some of my earliest memories consist of three key aspects; my dad, motorsport and Brands Hatch. Many of my childhood weekends were spent with my dad watching all manner of racing, indulging my ever-growing passion for cars. I can recall it almost as if it was yesterday; my dad would have his race day clipboard and program, filling in all the results so he could keep a full record of the racing. It was not long until I was doing the same thing. It was around this time that my dad started telling me stories, and entrusted me with a true piece of Glynn family history.

Sitting in the Paddock Hill grandstand, my dad handed to me a clipboard of my own. Covering this clipboard, in much a similar fashion to his was a blistering array of motorsport stickers of seemingly rather considerable age. This was not just any clipboard; this was his father’s clipboard. This was a ceremony, the passing on of a great institution to the next generation. My dad went on to tell me of a time when he was the child and it was his dad taking him to race weekends. I just hope that one day I can pass on the motorsport legacy to a new generation too.

When it comes to cars, there are few opinions I value more than that of my dad. When I bought my first car, my dad was there. If my car breaks down, he always has the answer. If I want some advice on a race weekend or a race series, my dad always knows.

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Without him, I never would have discovered the BTCC. If my weekends were not spent at racetracks, then my dad and me would be watching the VHS reviews of BTCC seasons. People may wonder where my obsession with the series came from. Another point for my dad right there.

When I walked through the door upon my return home this father day, the familiar scene I was presented with is what made me genuinely realise how interwoven cars are into my family. It would not be a normal day if I did not find my dad watching motorsport on the television. Without this relationship, my passion for a career in motorsport would never have been born. Just like my dad’s life is scheduled around keeping up with the latest races, mine is based around covering events and keeping the Internet up to date with my take on proceedings.

All that remains for me to really say is thank you. For me, there is no motorsport without my dad. He passed his lifestyle onto me and I just hope that I can uphold this as we plough on through into the future. As I place my hands around what would have been my grandfather’s race day clipboard, it all becomes clear. By enjoying motorsport I am celebrating who I am. And where I come from.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. And thank you for everything.

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