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Dumb and Dumber-Lambo Catches Fire

It’s sad enough to see a supercar on fire- but how would you feel when it was done on purpose??

This picture is of a brand spanking new Lamborghini that was planned to be the star exhibit at a car show in Portland, Oregon, USA yesterday.

The show safety regulations forbid a car to be shown with a fuel in the petrol tank. So you’d syphon it out, wouldn’t you? Or a better option would be to drive it for 50kms or so, you’d think. Mmmm, not the goons who delivered this car. They decided to start it up and rev it to the limiter in neutral until it ran out of fuel. Then they got fed up doing that so they wedged a piece of wood under the accelerator and walked away for a while. Quite naturally the engine overheated, caught fire and was ruined. Nice day’s work, what???