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Concours Sendup

Next week the World’s most famous Concours D’Elegance gets underway at Pebble Beach, California.

Cars worth millions of dollars each are displayed in all their finery – owners, too!

But on the same weekend and only a few kilometers away in Monterey  there is another ‘Concours’.

This is called the Concours D’LeMons….

They have several trophies and class awards including:-

THE RUEFUL BRITANNIA AWARD- for the Royal Order of MOT Failure


THE NEEDLESSLY COMPLEX ITALIAN AWARD- Conoscete un Buon Meccanico? Plaque

or our favourite

WARSAW PACT, 1945-1990, for Trabant, Wartburg, ZIL, Lada etc. AWARD- The Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Medal for the Most Glorious Achievement in Transportative Advancement for Use on Billiard-Smooth Highways as Are Uniformly to be Found Inside Workers Paradise.

Which event would you prefer to attend?