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Car Dealer Slang

If you’ve ever spent much time in a car yard in Australia, you may well have noticed that it’s like car dealers peak another language!  Especially when they’re talking to each other.

We thought we’d put together a list of all the car dealer slang we could come up with.  But, before you read on, see if you can make sense of the fllolowing video (without the captions)

Then come back here and check out (or add to) our complete dealer glossary!

car dealer slang talk

The Language of Car Yards

Describing a Car

‘dunny door’ – Holden Commodore
‘got form’ – been in previous accident
‘pair of 2’s’ – worth $22K
‘povo pack’ – base model
‘low on ticket’ – running low on registration
‘fast glass’ – power windows
‘bump & hook’ – bullbar & towbar
‘stop’ – abs brakes
‘DC red’ – bright red
‘safety yellow’ – bright yellow
‘double oh, double oh’ – 2000 build, 2000 complied
‘Dolly Partons’ – airbags
a bit leggy – high mileage
‘dollar car’ – a low value trade-in
“puff and blow” – airbags & aircon
‘ncv’ – no commercial value
‘needs boots’ – tyres are worn
‘no humphrey’ – no air conditionaing (Humphrey B Bear – Air)
‘more hits than Elvis’ – panel damage
‘top of the wazza’ – top of the range
‘all the bells and whistles’ – fully optioned

Selling Slang

‘head on the yard’ – potential client outside
‘dudder’ – client can’t get finance
‘tyre kickers’ – time wasting ‘buyers’
‘full lick’ – selling a car at full price
‘wood duck’ – sucker customer
‘upside down’ – negative equity
‘in traffic’ – car is sold & delivered
‘low ball’ – an offer way below what is reasonable
‘gorilla/monkey for the hurt’ – $1,000, $500 to spend
‘ducks on the pond’ – customers outside
‘ghosts’ – clients that won’t go away
‘on the drip’ – weekly payments
‘for a bradman a week’ – $100/week payments
‘on the murray cod’ – on the nod
’90 day beige’ – old stock, can’t sell, nobody wants, bad resale
‘ping the mrs’ – direct the sales tactics towards the female in a couple

Lastly, RIP to John Clarke, the renowned satirist. Here he is many years ago showing the argot over the ditch


  1. Brian says:

    “Heads on the block” – means buyers in the yard, same as “head on the yard” but more descriptive! Also the term “O/A” means overallowance which is the amount of money the dealer is prepared to sacrifice from profit to boost the trade value of the car to get the deal. Most dealers will do this as a preference to giving a straight discount on the price when a trade is involved.

    October 21st, 2010 at 11:44 am

  2. Alex Dobson says:

    Fast glass, clunk & ice = Power windows, central locking & Air Conditioning
    Harp & stove = Sound system and heater
    Got a few karate chops around it, probably cost a remington to fix = vehicle has some dents that will cost $1000 to fix. Or a handful to fix = $500
    Bum full of honey = full tank of petrol
    three on the tree= colum shift 3 speed manual
    A Casper = Ghost that wont go away

    October 21st, 2010 at 11:58 am

  3. simon purdue says:

    kick the trade..offer a low trade in price to try and build more profit in the deal
    a soft piano..a grand or less to spend on reco
    rotten egg..someone who cant get finance
    a blister..a payout or security listed at transport dept
    full freight..12 months rego
    chinese plates..registered in another state to where its being traded

    October 21st, 2010 at 6:07 pm