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Breaking news – another recall?

Hot on the heels of the Toyota world wide recall we hear that another Japanese manufacturer is suffering from the ignomony of a widespread product recall.

Honda in the UK has announced a recall of the Honda Jazz model produced between 2002 and 2008 so that electric window master switches can be checked.

Honda say that “the master switch in the driver’s door can malfunction when exposed to large amounts of liquid ingress”

That’s Honda-speak for getting wet.

If the driver’s window is left open during heavy rain, water can leak on to the electic mechanism and can be a smoke and fire risk. Although it is understood that there are no reported health and safety incidents in Australia, apparently such an incident has allegedly led to the death of a two year old girl in South Africa last year, according to British media reports.

Apparently all recalled cars will be fixed with a waterproof skirt that will prevent further water getting in.

It is reported that over 650,00 Honda Jazz models are being recalled world wide.

It is not yet clear whether Honda Jazz models supplied in Australia will be subjected to a similar recall.


  1. Lee Noonan says:

    Toyota in the USA has just recalled 470,000 Mini vans…

    so, they aren’t the number one car on most people’s minds min the USA..


    April 20th, 2010 at 4:24 pm