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Accessories Not on My Wish List

I must admit I’ve still got a long face since I heard the news about the Ford Falcon getting the chop in 2016, so here’s something a little different to bring a smile.  Here are some of the funniest and most ridiculous car accessories available for us all to buy – if you want to.

The world’s most stupid car accessory goes to a group in China.  We all know how car occupant safety is paramount, so why would a group of individuals come up with the idea of designing a seat-belt shirt?  I almost feel naked when I don’t wear my seatbelt in the car – particularly when I’m not the one driving!  Some people obviously go to great lengths to avoid making it click, and that’s why the seatbelt shirt was invented.  The seatbelt shirt has a diagonal black stripe that runs from the left shoulder down to the right hip or from the right shoulder down to the left hip, and this makes it look like you are wearing your seatbelt when you’re senseless enough to not be wearing it.  Talk about jumping out of a plane without a parachute!


What about the bag of testicles to hang off the back of car bumpers?  I’ve seen a few of these around, and I’m not quite sure why we need to make our cars male or female.  As far as I know cars have never been able to be produced in this way!

Truck Nuts

To finish this crazy article on gadgets and paraphernalia that really serve no purpose other than to make you look like a dork, how about putting a hand that waves the peace sign onto your hatchback or station wagon?  They attach to the rear-window wiper and wave back and forwards with your wiper when it’s going.  I guess it’s better than any other rude hand signs I see from time-to-time being waved from car windows!