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2010 Australian International Motor Show

This year’s Sydney Motor Show (AIMS), rotating biannually with Melbourne is currently a great success. The press saw many fantastic openings and unveilings of 44 new and improved vehicles.

I think the rotation of locations has been good for the manufactures that are laden with overseas pressures and agenda. One annual Australian Motor Show has let companies like Ford bring out the big guns with a massive display like those seen in Frankfurt and Detroit Shows.

This year’s Motor Show seemed to take on a fantastical approach with great numbers of concept, new model, very special and the insane on display for us mere mortals to dribble over and make those childish sounds of desire that we can’t explain or avoid.  It is a glamorous and sexy event to say the least.

Surprisingly, given that it is two years since the last Sydney Motor Show and two years until the next one, there are a few notable absentees. BMW being the stand out. Why they would not appear in the largest show hosted in the largest market in Australia, when their competitors, Audi, Mercedes, VW and Porsche, are all there astounds me.

Also missing are the Ateco stable with Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat and Great Wall all giving the show a miss.

For me the stand out new car reveal was the Range Rover Evoque. This is a great looking car and if it launches around the suggested $60K mark, there will be a very large waiting list very quickly. Other head turners are the Kia Optima. Kia’s version of the Hyundai i45 is a stunner and should sell well when launched early next year.

Renault has a lot of new cars on display as they try to resurrect the brand in Australia and I must say that the new Megane and Clio are great looking cars.

There is also a big electric and hybrid theme with the Mitsubishi iMeiv proudly on display, including a ‘sports version’, Lexus with the new hybrid only, CT200H and the new Civic Hybrid.

It is also a Ute Fest this year with the new Australian designed Ford Ranger taking pride of place on a fantastic Ford stand and the same car on the Mazda stand as the new BT50. The new VW Amarok, due next year is a real head turner and I am sure will do very well for VW.

All in all the show is well worth a visit. It will be 2012 until we see it again.