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$1.5m Supercar abandoned in the desert.

Backpackers often abandon their old car when they’ve finished tripping around Australia and return for home, British backpackers amongt them. But they wouldn’t abandon it if it was a Ferrari, and not just any Ferrari either.

This hugeley rare Ferrari Enzo (only 399 made) and worth an expected $1.5 m was apparently abandoned by a British ‘backpacker’ in Dubai a while ago and now it’s coming up for auction. OK, he probably wasn’t a backpacker, but he was protective of his freedom. You see, being in debt is a jailable offence in Dubai, so it’s not that uncommon for foreign businessman to abandon their cars when they make ‘a rapid exit’ from this middle east nation. But abandon cars are usually fairly mundane machines, so this fleeing Brit must have incurred massive debts before his early departure 18 month ago..

The car, along with a over 100 others abandoned cars, will form part of a Police auction in Dubai today, and is expected to raise well in excess of a million dollars.

FOOTNOTE:- It seems that the Dubai police pulled the car from sale amid world wide publicity, claiming that it is still needed for evidence of crime. It may be re-listed as soon as their enquiries are complete.