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Choice Denied In Petrol Pump Rip Off

The NSW Government has now legislated to rip off the motorist.

Private Fleet has already shown that E10 unleaded fuel costs more, not less, to run.

Even though E10 costs 3c a litre less at the pump it uses more fuel so that in the final outcome it costs more.

So how would you feel if you were told that your Government is going to ban the sale of unleaded fuel and make you pay more to run your car without ANY positive environmental benefit?

You’d be angry, wouldn’t you? But that’s exactly what’s happening to the hapless NSW motorist.

The Biofuel (Ethanol Content) Amendment Bill 2009 tabled by The Hon. Tony Kelly a few weeks ago states that it will phase out regular unleaded from July 2011.

Thankfully it’s the only State Government – so far, to discriminate against the motorist and deny them the opportunity to purchase the most economical fuel option – standard unleaded.

The NSW motorist (and motorists visiting from other States) can express his displeasure with the steering wheel and drive past the sites that don’t offer regular unleaded ( and they will become more commonplace), and insist in buying the most economical fuel.

Perhaps the refineries will see the trend and maybe even the NSW Government will realise this is a vote losing issue , and they are certainly looking for every vote they can get before the next election in 2011.


  1. patrick says:

    thankfully , at last we will rid of the 91 ron , this was the most\costly fuel ever reminds me of the donkey cart era ,the petrol company made a killing with, calling this fuel ,sure its costing more at the pump , however try it and really see how costly the 91 really was ., and if you really really want to know what super fuel that saves you money gives you great performance is, try the 98 ron that will kill all arguments , the proof is in the fuel , not the advertising , keep well ,drive safetly .

    March 9th, 2010 at 10:43 am