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Your new car is a better driver than you

Sit back and think, the average person owns a car for 5 years (give or take), now think of what technology you used 5 years ago.
iPhone? it was emerging as the must have gadget.
However If you went to a electronics store and asked for a tablet the sales person would speak slowly to you while ushering you towards the nearest chemist.
Back in 2009 , if some one told you they had an Android you’d look at them like they were some kind of crazy person who had watched too many sci-fi movies.

As with phones and mobile devices, user integration is an inevitable evolution of the motor car, in addition to having information at our disposal at all times. The downside is (if you can call it a downside), information is ever changing not just the content itself but its format too. 5 years ago upgrading the tech in your car meant replacing the radio, in the future it may just mean connecting your car to the Internet and downloading the latest upgrade.

Even the Commodore parks itself

Even the Commodore parks itself

It’s no longer science fiction that your car will know what’s going on around you before you do. GPS that will direct you around traffic snarls, systems that will tell you where the cheapest fuel is and how long until you need it, automatic transmissions that rely on satellites to know what types of road conditions are ahead of you and adjust accordingly. These are features on cars you can buy now!

I know what you’re thinking “all this is techno-wizardry is only on uber expensive European cars” that’s where you’d be wrong. The humble Holden Commodore now parks itself, don’t like the radio station playing in your Ford Focus? Simply ask the car to change the channel, even having adaptive cruise control on a sub-$50 000 car is not out of the question

The 2014 Mazda 3 interior was designed in partnership with a leading Psycologyst

The 2014 Mazda 3 interior was designed in partnership with a leading Psycologyst

The new 2014 Mazda 3 due early next year, has both the automotive world and tech industry buzzing. The reason? Mazda claim to have future proofed the 3. Working with Ergonomics Gurus, Tech Geeks and even Psychologists, Mazda developed all their new features to be upgradeable as the car ages, but be less distracting to the driver too.

The 3 will also have the potential to run identical operating systems and programs to your smartphone. Internet radio, Facebook and twitter will all be integrated into the system. Just like the smartphone industry though, it will be the independent developers who will create a whole new industry around the technology found in the next generation of cars.