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Really Keen Young Drivers!

One of my brothers, when aged around 5, found the keys in the ignition of Dad and Mum’s car and proceeded to start the car up and drive off.  That’s what you do with cars, isn’t it?  Dad and Mum were having a rest in the house when this occurred, and thankfully Dad heard the engine and rushed outside to stop him before he got away!

But he’s not the only one.  Just recently, in America (Where else!), two brothers aged five and two took off in their mother’s 2005 Ford Focus and headed off to their Grandfather’s place.  Life at home must have been a little dull at the time.  Putnam County Sheriff deputies believe the toddlers might have teamed up to work the pedals and steer the steering wheel.  The end result was a crash in the ditch, quite a distance away from home.  The car was wrecked almost 5 km down the road, the boys unhurt.  Prior to the jaunt, the boys were playing outside the home when they found the car keys under the mat.

Another child (8 years old), and in America, recently drove his sister to McDonalds to buy some food from the drive through lane – paying for the food with his own piggy bank money.  The police officer’s, family friends and grandparents then stopped him from driving any further.

A good reminder, if you own a car, is to keep the car locked up and the keys in a safe place out of reach of little fingers!  If you don’t mind the kids playing in the car, then make sure the keys are hidden away.

If your kids love cars, give them a pedal car or electric car (kids size) to let their imaginations lead to healthy and safe outcomes.  Another thing you can enjoy with young kids who like to drive is to take them off the road in a car and let them steer with you in control and in the driver’s seat.  Who hasn’t let their kids drive up the driveway or around a paddock under supervision while seated on your knees in the driver’s seat?

Have any of you  been in a situation where you (when under 10), your siblings or your own children have sought to drive off in your parent’s car when aged well under the driving age?  Do share!  These days, Google helps to teach us to drive, and I suppose any bright kid can learn off Google!