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It's Been A Long Road….

Getting from there to here…these were the opening words to the only song ever used on a Star Trek tv series, the largely unlamented Enterprise. They are, however, valid, for both the time of year and this blog. We’re getting close to the 600 articles published by our contributors; Megan, Lewis, David Lye, myself and others before us. It’s a pleasure to be part of the team and we hope you enjoy our musings, thoughts, brain rumbles and reviews.private_fleet_logo

Christmas time in Australia lies in the southern hemisphere’s summer, whilst in the north, it’s winter. Both times of year have their own weather challenges; in the UK, USA and northern Asian and European regions, there’s that funny white stuff called snow. Down here, in Australia, South Africa and America, New Zealand and various island states, summer comes with heat, torrential thunderstorms and something in between. It’s holiday time and the general process is to take the car, pack it with family and go for a drive.
Sadly, some simple things are overlooked and we see the tragic results on the nightly news. What can YOU do to potentially avoid being a statistic?
Step one: stay to a routine; if you’re an early riser naturally, you’re half way there. If you’re not, try to stay to your naturally awake time; artificially adjusting your waking zone has been shown to affect driving habits.Waking-up-too-early...
Stay hydrated; take water with you and take a few sips every half hour or so. Coffee and tea are fine, however you’ll need to bear in mind the natural diuretic effects of them. If you’re driving alone, take a break every 90 minutes to two hours; get out, walk around, stretch, look at something in the distance to give the eyes a different focusing point, rather than on the car in front.

In the age before cars became computers on wheels, we’d check oil, radiator fluids….nowadays they’re generally sealed systems so we can look at the windscreen; make sure that’s clean as dirty and grime refract light and can be distracting. Tyre pressures should always be checked and tyre tread depths are worth a look also.tyre-pressures
When out on the road, keep an eye out for the road conditions and, importantly, the driving styles of those around you. Look at what’s happening ahead of you; if there’s a flow of brake lights then you’ll be forearmed to prepare to brake. If you’re a naturally slower driver or will be towing a load, be courteous and stay in the left lane. If you need to overtake, judge where you can do it safely; don’t do it on a blind crest or a curve where you can’t see what’s coming. Drive to the conditions; it might say 110 km/h but if it’s hammering down with rain or it’s foggy, drive smart and slow down. Use driving lights and, especially if you own a dark painted car, headlights.
Finally, enjoy the drive!leadimage-420x0

On behalf of Private Fleet, the team of staff that are always here to help you buy your new car and our contributors, have a safe journey and a wonderful Christmas.