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How to Keep Your Car Cool Without Air Conditioning

While all of today’s cars feature air conditioning, spare a thought for those still running older cars, where the climate control either isn’t up to scratch, or in some instances, practically non-existent.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself in this position, there are several things you can do to maintain a comfortable driving environment. Here’s a quick look at various options.

  1. Parking in the Shade:
    One of the simplest ways to keep your car cool is by parking in shaded areas, such as under trees, buildings, or parking garages. If shade is unavailable, try to position your car so that the front – where the engine and dashboard are – faces away from the sun. This helps reduce direct exposure to sunlight, preventing excessive heat buildup inside the vehicle.
  2. Use Reflective Sunshades:
    Invest in reflective sunshades for your windscreen and windows. These shades act as a barrier, reflecting sunlight away from the interior and preventing it from turning into heat. Make sure to use them consistently, even if you’re just stepping away for a short period.
  3. Ventilation:
    Before entering your car, open the windows and doors to allow hot air to escape. Once you get inside, roll down one window and fan the door a few times to let the hot air out. Then, roll up the windows and use the ventilation system to circulate fresh air. When driving at slower speeds, consider keeping the windows partially open to maintain a steady airflow.
  4. Tinted Windows:
    Install window tinting to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your car. Tinted windows not only enhance privacy, but they also block a significant portion of the sun’s heat. Check local regulations regarding window tinting to ensure compliance with legal limits.

  5. Use a Dash Fan:
    Fans designed for cars can be placed on the dashboard. Some of them are solar-powered, harnessing energy from the sun, helping to circulate air inside the car and keeping it cooler. While not as powerful as an air conditioner, they can make a noticeable difference in temperature.
  6. Cooling Seat Covers:
    Consider using cooling seat covers made from breathable materials. These covers often incorporate cooling gel or fans, providing a more comfortable seating experience. This can be particularly beneficial during hot summer days.
  7. Regular Maintenance:
    Ensure that your car’s cooling system is in good working condition. Regularly check coolant levels, inspect the radiator, and clean any debris from the grille. A well-maintained cooling system is essential for preventing your engine from overheating and indirectly helps to maintain a cooler cabin.
  8. Hydration:
    Keep yourself cool by staying hydrated. Bring a water bottle and a small damp cloth. The latter can provide quick relief when you are stuck in traffic.