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Gifts for Car Owners

As the end of October fast approaches, that means retailers will soon start to take centre stage amid the Black Friday sales period and the subsequent Christmas holiday rush. It’s that time of the year where we spoil loved ones with gifts and affection, and that includes car owners too! Here’s a few gift ideas heading into peak season for retail shopping.



Car Vacuum Cleaner

Which new car owner doesn’t take pride in their joy? That means, both inside and out, because a car should be spotless. After all, first impressions count, right? And who wants to show off their brand new ride only for a messy interior to let it down. Dust and dirt naturally make their way into a car, so what better gift to help a new car owner keep on top of maintenance than a car vacuum cleaner. Small, portable and highly effective – a great choice!



Although many new cars now offer integrated navigation systems, there are still many cars where this has yet to become a standardised feature. With today’s satellite navigation systems more advanced than ever before, this could be the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time on the road. Heck, the next-generation projection navigation systems are another idea altogether, offering augmentation and navigation in one.


Transportation Accessories

If you’re looking to find a tailored gift, you may wish to take into consideration the specifics of the person you are purchasing a gift for. Do they have a child? If so, they may appreciate a baby seat for their car. Do they have pets instead? Perhaps a cradle for their pet would be better suited. Or do they enjoy an active lifestyle? In which case, a roof rack for their bicycle or surfboard might not go astray.


Took kit

Many motorists are happy to entrust their mechanic to look after all their car’s automotive needs. However, for the motoring enthusiast, or the DIY-er, a took kit could be the best companion. Not only will it help them tackle some of the nitty gritty maintenance jobs under the bonnet, but it’s the sort of gift that pays for itself really, saving money on simple oil changes or the like.


Other Ideas

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to appeal to a specific piece of technology or the like. Everyday items are just as likely to deliver the most bang for their buck, which means things like windshield protectors, car seat covers, car-care cleaning kits, phone cradles and emergency accessories could be a welcome addition for a loved one’s new car. And of course, if it’s technology you revert back to, dash cams and wireless phone chargers are becoming all the rage in this day and age!