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Christmas Wishes

I’m sure my fellow bloggers will add their own wishes for Private Fleet members and their loved ones; for me it’s been an honour to have been asked to part of the Private Fleet family. Coming from a background of service, sales and the automotive field, it seems an ideal fit to be able to contribute and I thank all of you for your affirmation of that.

Although Christmas is meant to be a time of happiness and cheers,it’s all too easy for it to be a time of hurt and tragedy on the roads. The police and governments quite rightly sometimes cop a backhander for their apparent heavy handed approach to road safety, however it is a situation where every day needless events on our roads result in lifelong sadness for families. For those that are intending to do a drive over the next few days, please be the one that is sober. Please be the one that is driving a roadworthy car. Please be the one that DOESN’T have your mp3 player’s headphones in your ears. Please be the one that observes the speed limits and with areas that have had some rain, plan ahead by checking the forecast and drive to the conditions. Please be the one that brings their family to loved ones safely and return them home.

On behalf of the management, staff and all associated with Private Fleet, from my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas.

Dave Conolesanta_1203670c