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5 Ways to Look After Yourself on the Roads this New Year's Eve

As Dave has already mentioned in his post about making sure you keep aware of driving safety this Christmas, I thought I would echo this by reiterating the issue of drinking and driving this New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is a joyous time – we all have our own hopes, ambitions and dreams for the coming year – but it must also be borne in mind that some people have these hopes and ambitions taken away from them in the most unfair and brutal way. It doesn’t need me to tell you, but it pays to be safe on the roads this New Year’s Eve. Here are 5 ways to can make sure you stay safe.

Designate a Driver

This is an obvious one and many people hammer home the importance of this – but I’m going to say it again anyway…make sure if you’re going to somewhere you need to drive to someone drives and doesn’t drink! You’ll have to go some to repay a favour…but even paying to hire in a private driver beats the possible outcomes at the end of the night if you do get in the car after drinking

Take a Taxi

Of course between a fair few of you, taking a taxi is the easiest option and often works out far cheaper than driving. Everywhere in Australia has a fantastic array of taxi companies but they’ll be busy over New Year…make sure you book one NOW!

Don’t be Distracted

There are lots of ways to be distracted while driving during the festive season, but New Year’s is an especially exciting time in which it’s easy to be caught up the party atmosphere. If you do have to drive, be aware of others and their associated sense of inebriation.


Although here at Private Fleet we’ll always fly the flag for car ownership, if you’re going somewhere closeby why don’t you just walk? Staggering home in the early hours of the morning is far preferable to staggering to a car….

Drive a Roadworthy Car

Don’t be the one during the New Year who gets in a second rate, and frankly downright dangerous car, and think ‘I’m not going far, it’ll be okay!’ Bear in mind that police presence is always at a heightened state during Christmas, and with more people on the roads you need to be in a car you’re comfortable driving. Check your lights, tyres and other associated safety items. the New Year is not a time you want to be called up and fined for something easily fixable. For more information on this, check out our post on easy ways to keep your car safe and retain your certificate of roadworthiness

From everyone here, we all hope you have a fantastic festive season and a wonderful New Year. Please, be safe on the roads and sensible in your travelling endeavours. Be sober, be sensible and don’t be distracted. Many people know the sadness of losing a family member this time of year. Don’t be a statistic.

For more information about the world of driving, check out other posts on this blog or contact us if you’re looking to upgrade your car in 2014!