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4 Essential Driving Apps

As Australians come to depend on their mobile phones for just about everything we do, developers have sought to capitalise on that trend by extending it to our daily mobility and driving. With apps covering the spectrum from navigation to parking, safety, entertainment and saving money – there is usually a solution for whatever you are searching.

While restrictions obviously prevent us from using our phones behind the wheel – and definitely don’t do this – we still have so many ingenious apps to choose from. But which ones deliver the most bang for your buck? Here we take a look at 4 essential driving apps.


Waze (iOS/Android/Windows)

Recently in the news for what some might classify as controversial reasons, Waze is a free, community based GPS and maps app. Peer-to-peer information sharing has led to a surge in its use and value. The purpose of the app is to allow road users to advise one another of hazards, delays or impediments on the road.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before users would start sharing information on mobile police locations. Nonetheless, Waze allows you to plan your trip according to real time information. When you have so many eyes out there doing the planning for you, that’s as good as any computer simulation can achieve.


PlugShare (iOS/Android/Windows)

This is a niche app dedicated to electric vehicle owners, or at least those who intend to venture down that path in the not too distant future. It is another peer-to-peer community app, albeit instead of just sharing data, here you are also sharing access to the electric grid network.

That’s right, not only can you see the charging network across the country, but you can view the location of users who have offered their own power supply to keep you going on the road. The search filter allows you to hone your focus to any specific needs you might need, including charging network, charger type, whether it is a free or paid charging station, and much more.


Fuel Map Australia (iOS/Android)

Making it three from three, Fuel Map Australia (formerly FuelMap) is a “crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel prices from all across Australia”. It allows any user to add and edit the location of fuel maps wherever you’re located, as well as add pricing details as well. With filters allowing users to sort by pricing, you’ll have few issues finding the cheapest fuel in your neighbourhood to save yourself a pretty penny. As a bonus, you can also monitor your fuel economy and log purchases.


Google Trips (iOS/Android)

A tech list would not be complete without the addition of Google, so it’s little surprise we round out this selection with its Trips app. Perfect for the travel-oriented driver, or weekend adventurer, the real benefit here is the integration of plans and itineraries. You can track your destinations and identify tourist attractions nearby, as well as sights, activities and entertainment options as well. Even better, if you have reservations lined up in your calendar, they’ll flow through seamlessly.


Make sure you install these apps on your phone before you head out onto the road.