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Classic Cars: Aston Martin DB5.

Aston-Martin-DB5-3For everyone, there is something they consider important in their life; it even gets to the point where they meet up with like minded people. For some, a car is nothing more than a method of getting from A to B, like a fridge is for keeping things cold, a TV is for watching a reality program (shudder) but for many a car is a symbol of desire, of majesty, of perfection. In the first of an ongoing series (and because I grew up, like so many, with Sean Connery as Bond, James Bond) I’ve selected the Aston Martin DB5 to kick it off.

DB stands for David Brown, the head of Aston Martin from 1947 to 1972. The DB series commenced in 1950 with the DB2. Aston_Martin_DB5_engineThe DB5 was launched in 1963, an evolution of the DB4. The alloy engine was increased from 3.7 litres to 4.0 litres with 210 kW available, a new five speed manual transmission (after the initial four speed manual was dropped) was standard and a weight of just 1500 kilos provided a top speed of 230 kmh and a 0-100kmh time of just over seven seconds. A buyer of a DB5 got electric windows, wool pile carpet, leather trim, disc brakes and a damned good looking car, thanks to the Italian company Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. There was 123 convertibles made (one most famously driven by Prince William after his wedding) with 37 made from October 1965.

Sean_Connery_with_1964_Aston_Martin_DB5Most people would know of the DB5 from the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. Somewhat scarily now, it was the prototype DB5 car used in the film, with another car providing the stunts. Complete with machine guns, ejector seat, Roman era style rotating1965-Aston-Martin-DB5-interior blades from the centre of the wheels and oil slick making gadgets, the DB5 quickly became, at the time, the most famous car in the world. Priced, when new, at 4175 pounds sterling for the hardtop and 4490 pounds sterling for the soft top, it was expensive for the time but when you consider one sold at auction in 2010 for 2.3 million pounds (one used the films Goldfinger and Thunderbird admittedly…) it’s a bargain now.

Still regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever produced (alongside fellow Britisher the Jaguar E-Type), the coupe style fastback was a stunner. Laid back headlights, air vent in the bonnet, the now traditional and famous grille design with seven vertical bars, the low sweeping design leading into the three bulb tail lights conspired to delight and beguile the eyeballs.Aston_Martin_DB5_007JB_Goldfinger

A timeless design with curves Jennifer Hawkins would envy, a powerplant that provided some startling numbers for the ’60s and showing up in a couple of the most loved films of the James Bond pantheon have continued to excite and enthrall lovers of automotive beauty. The Aston Martin DB5, a classic car.